23 Aug 2014
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Lynbrook BOE Focuses on Teacher Evaluations, Anti-Bullying

A recap of the Lynbrook Board of Education's October business meeting.

Lynbrook BOE Focuses on Teacher Evaluations, Anti-Bullying

Each teacher in the Lynbrook school district will have their year-end evaluations comprised of three scores. That was the overview of the new APPR plan that was outlined by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Personnel Gerard Beleckas at Wednesday night's meeting of the Lynbrook school board.

"It will be 20 percent New York State assessments, 20 percent local assessments and 60 percent observations and professional responsibilities," said Beleckas.

For Math and English teachers in Grades 4-8, the 20 percent of their evaluation will be based on their students' scores on the NYS assessments. All other teachers whose subjects do not have a state assessment had to develop SLO's (Student Learning Objectives) for the first 20 percent of their evaluation.

If a course ends in a New York State assessment, a portion of each exam will be used for the local assessment.

The rest of a teacher's evaluation will be split between evaluations, which will account for 36.1 percent of the remaining 60 percent. State Education Department regulations require a minimum of two evaluations each year. Professional responsibilities including lesson planning, updating curriculum and resources, and data driven instructions will determine the other 23.9 percent.

Superintendent's Report:

During the Oct. 10 meeting, Interim School Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak spoke about the significance of "Unity Day," which was held on Wednesday. This is a national anti-bullying day that schools and communities participate in. Through online resources they send one large, orange message of support to students who have experienced bullying.

"Our staff and students [were] all wearing orange today in the High School and Middle School to support the anti-bullying efforts inspired by Unity Day," said Dr. Burak.

Students also sang anti-bullying songs and had classroom discussions about what the word Unity meant to them.

"It was a very positive day and a poitive message that I hope resonates strongly with our student body," she added.

Student Awards

Two Waverly Park students were honored at Wednesday's meeting for their recent accomplishments.

Seventh grader Zane Daniels received a new laptop computer for his grand-prize-winning essay in the Astoria Federal Savings Bank, 'Teach Children To Save Essay Contest.' Waverly Park Principal Lucille McAssey was also presented with a laptop for the school's use.

In his essay, Zane wrote that with his savings he plans to invent an ocean filtration system to preserve the marine environment.

Fourth grader Julianne Lampert is one of five students from New York who won the PTA Reflections Contest Theme Search. The winner will be announced in June at the national PTA convention and will win a $100 cash award.

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