Jul 25, 2014
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Transcripts Say Man Admitted to Murdering 13-Year-Old

Convicted murderer admitted to killing and beating neighbor in 1989, transcripts said.

Transcripts Say Man Admitted to Murdering 13-Year-Old

Robert Golub, convicted killer of his 13-year-old neighbor, Kelly Tinyes, reportedly confessed his crime last month at a hearing.

Golub, 46, was convicted in 1990 of beating, sexually assaulting, and strangling Tinyes, who lived on his street in Valley Stream. Police said her body was found in a sleeping bag hidden in Golub's basement under the stairs.

Transcripts from his November parole board hearing, uploaded by Newsday, show Golub retelling the story of the day of the crime, admitting he "acted foolishly" and " instead of calling somebody for help, I took her by the ankle and pulled her through the house."

Golub speculated that her clothes may have ridden up her body, leading to her ultimate suffocation, and said his actions were " negligent," though unintentional.

"I tried to wake her up," Golub said, explaining why Tinyes appeared to be beaten. "I was kind of slapping her face… The slaps became punches, the punches, kicks. I acted horrendously that day."

Golub did not admit to the accusation that he sexually assaulted Tinyes the day he killed her. He added that he was on a "ridiculous" amount of steroids, which contributed to his losing control and beating Tinyes.

Golub applied for parole in November, the first time since his 1990 conviction. He was denied.

The Tinyes family launched an online petition in September to keep Golub behind bars. More than 3,500 people signed.

“A heartfelt thank you from the Tinyes Family to all who signed and supported our cause to keep this animal in prison,” reads a statement on the petition site. “We truly appreciate each and every one of you. In less than two years we will have to do this again and I know everyone who signed will do it again and again.”

The parole panel that made the decision told Golub that despite his efforts at rehabilitation, "there is a reasonable probability that you would not live at liberty again without violating the law and, furthermore, your release would be incompatible with the welfare of society…"

Tinyes's family was unmoved by Golub's confession, according to Newsday.

" Now he's trying to say he's sorry 25 years later? It's out of control," Tinyes's father, Richard, told Newsday. "It doesn't bring us any justice, him saying this finally...All he's trying to do is...get himself out of jail, and for what he did, he should stay there and die."

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