15 Sep 2014
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Fireworks Light Up The Night Sky In The Name Of Liberty

Massapequa Park Fourth of July fireworks display awes and inspires thousands in attendance.

The night skies of Massapequa Park were ablaze with the fiery beauty of Independence Day fireworks Tuesday night, and thousands gathered in to watch the show in awe.

A celebration of the Fourth of July holiday put on by the the annual fireworks show combines food, music and, of course, lots and lots of fireworks, to the delight of patriotic residents from all over the area, many of whom were forced to park many blocks away due to the high attendance of the event.

Massapequa Park mayor James Altadonna said that the Fourth of July is a day to remember that freedoms we enjoy as a county, as well as a time to remember those who gave those freedoms to us.

“It’s a celebration of America,” he said. “And we’re blessed to have our troops, and the men and women that sacrificed for us so that we could have this day.”

Last year Massapequa Park’s Fourth of July show almost didn’t take place due to Village budget issues, but thanks to a last-minute financial save on the part of Nassau County, the even still took place.

This year, however, things were different; Altadonna commented on the Village’s ability to foot the bill for 2012’s fireworks display, thanks to a mild winter not eating up Massapequa Park’s funds.

“We were able to have our wonderful display this year thanks to no snow,” he said. “And I hope next year that we can continue to fund it.”

Among the thousands in attendance was Marty Hinn of Farmingdale, who had parked eight blocks away and walked, lawn chain in hand, to Mansfield Park.

“It’s a beautiful show they do every year,” he said. “My family and I never miss it...it’s worth the hike, and besides, if I park far away, I don’t get caught in the traffic when I leave.”

Betty Parkerston of Plainview didn’t mind the crowded conditions either; in fact, she felt they brought everyone there closer together, and not just in a physical sense.

“I’m a very patriotic woman...I love this country very much,” she said. “And it’s wonderful to be able to sit here with all these fellow Americans, watching the lovely fireworks, and collectively thinking of what this holiday truly means.”

Of course, not everyone felt the need to squeeze into Mansfield Park enjoy the fireworks. Some people, like Joe Hicks of Massapequa, just found a nice street corner with his family and watched the show from there.

“No need to fight my way through the crowds in the park,” he said. “The show looks just as pretty out here, especially with my family by my side on this great holiday.”

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