Jul 25, 2014

Zentangle Offers Mistake-Free Fun

Workshop teaches kids how to be creative through drawing.

The Bar Harbour library was host to some interesting artistic drawings Monday night, with Certified  Zentangle teacher MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson in town.

Dozens of children ages 6 to 12 came out to express themselves through their art, and the end result was some pretty impressive drawings. 

"It looks complex, you know how could I ever draw that?," said Scheblein-Dawson, standing next to a finished Zentangle drawing. "You take the pencil and break the paper into small sections, it breaks the intimidation. It's all very simple."

When broken down piece by piece, Zentangle can be done by almost anybody. There is no way you can make a mistake. Scheblein-Dawson said thats part of the reason why it catches on with kids.

"I think it's part of the appeal, the fact that they can't make a mistake," Scheblein-Dawson said. "They can't be criticized. There is no right or wrong way. If it doesn't look like mine, it doesn't matter. If it looks like how they want it to, that's all that matters."

The drawing requires you to use shapes that you already know how to make, such as circles and triangles, but instead of just making one, you make bunch and put designs inside of them. Breaking it down in sections makes it easier for kids to handle, and doesn't overwhelm or intimidate them.

"It's creative and everyone's turns out differently," explained Alex Sitterer, 5, who said Zentangle is his new favorite class. "Each Zentangle is different, like people are. And it comes out like their own personality."

Scheblein-Dawson said the appeal of Zentangle stretches to all age groups.

"I work with different age groups: little kids, grandma's and grandpa's," Scheblein-Dawson said. "When they all start, nobody knows what they're doing. But they all look great at the end."

For more information on Zentangle, please visit www.zentangle.com, or e-mail MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson at Paperplay@hoflink.com.

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