Jul 30, 2014
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10 Businesses That Opened in 2011

A look at 10 businesses that opened their doors this year.

10 Businesses That Opened in 2011
  • Spiros: Spiro Karachopan, longtime owner of Sea Basin Restaurant in Rocky Point, opened up a new joint on 25A called Spiros. The menu features various steaks, seafood, chicken and more to go along with an extensive list of martinis.
  • : The arrival of the chain, which is located directly accross from , caused some chatter in the community, along with the arrival of...
  • : Located in the same Kohl's shopping center, just down the road from . The two chains both opened over the Summer
  • : The opened up just in time for the holiday season. The space opened up when moved east to its new location on 25A in Rocky Point.
  • : One year after initiating the procedure to open a restaurant in the former Fatty Beltbuckles space,the new restaurant finally opened in late November.
  • : Opening in early 2011, the bagel store in downtown ocky Point recently closed down.
  • : The martial arts studio moved from Wading River to a new location in Rocky Point.
  • : A new, unique art gallery opened in Rocky Point near the end of the year.
  • : New owners took over the former Body Shop to create a new fitness experience in Miller Place.
  • : Opening over the summer, the arrived in Rocky Point.

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