Jul 30, 2014
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Emergency Procedure Remains Same at Ralphs Marina After Irene

Marina successfully pulled close to 100 boats out of the water in less than two days last year in preparation of Irene.

Emergency Procedure Remains Same at Ralphs Marina After Irene

It was exactly one year ago that , and while the storm was big, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been had the storm not calmed to a tropical storm.

Some areas were hit harder than others, and the Cedar Beach peninsula was one with serious flooding. A year ago, Patch spoke with one of the owners of Ralph's Fishing Station and Marina, Sue Cory, and at the time and were determined to work as long as they could.

"We’re trying to get out as many boats as we can," she said one year ago. "If we don’t have the ones that we’ve promised out by 8 a.m. tomorrow we’re not going to be leaving obviously because we still have some boats to get out. I don’t know how many boats there are on this harbor but the logistics of getting every boat out before the storm are not good."

Patch caught up with Cory on the one year anniversary of Irene, and she was pleased with how the marina handled the situation.

"It went fine," she said. "I don't think we'd change anything, we just do what we can and hope that it works. We didn't get every boat but we think we got about 100.

"The boys have been with us a long time and they know their jobs, they all do them and they really click together. It happened in two days it was very crazy."

Of the boats that were left out, there was just one that had minor damage.

"We had more problems up [at our home] in Vermont," she joked. "Who would've thought."

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