Jul 28, 2014
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Locals Share Thoughts on Cuomo's Education Comments

Opinions vary on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education comments in his recent State of the State Address.

Locals Share Thoughts on Cuomo's Education Comments

In Gov. Andrew Cuomo's recent State of the State address he spoke a lot about education, specifically calling for longer school days and a "bar exam" for teachers before they are allowed to work in a classroom.

After posting the details on the Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch Facebook page, locals had a lot to say on the matter with differing opinions. Here are a few reader comments.

Carrie George Bondar wrote, "As a former teacher, I would not be afraid to take an exam to show my competency. However, if I had been teaching for a long time and did not begin teaching with this proposed exam in place, I do not think I would be too thrilled to have to prove my competency..."

Janine Pisano-Record added, "I think the school days are long enough. My son goes to FJC and doesn't get out of school until 4pm ...then the mad dash for homework...reading...cub scouts...and any other after school activities they might have, before you know it its dinner and bed..."

Kathi Gaherty-Heggers said, "you can not measure the qualities of a good teacher from an exam."

Tracy Benfante Parisi added, "This is certainly not the first time this governor has had publicity over comments made that were ill informed. He says things that he thinks will make him popular without really having all the facts. I haven't liked him since day 1."

Christine Mc Sherry Strovink wrote, "Tax payers should be able to test governors, congress people, senators and future presidents for their abilities."

Christine Rochford Edmonds said, "I'm tired of hearing about the kids who are failing what about the majority of kids who are excelling?"

Karen Ierna Petrie stated, "Create a "bar exam" for Congress first!"

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