Jul 26, 2014
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Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down

On heels of Saturday's shooting, Fire Marshal shuts down controversial spot in Rocky Point.

Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down Video: Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point Shut Down

Calls for action against the controversial Oxygen Bar in Rocky Point were answered Monday when Town Supervisor Mark Lesko, Councilwoman Jane Bonner and Legis. Sarah Anker announced the closing of the bar, effective immediately.

After , swift action was taken and Fire Marshals shut down the bar as a 30-day grace period ended after the building's Place of Assembly permit expired on Saturday, April 9.

"The shooting poked the hornet's nest and now there's every level of government buzzing around," Bonner said. "It's been me on my own for a number of years trying to use the resources of the town, but without the weight of the supervisor's office I'm not sure how much longer this would have gone on. We wanted to do this today right away is because we were worried that they would try to open up again tonight.

"The onus is on the State Liquor Authority and the elected officials to make sure pressure is put to bear that the liquor license is not restored...it's been a problem since day one."

Legis. Anker urged community members to continue to speak up and also made it known that it is a priority that this bar remains shut down.

"I'm so happy to see this place getting closed right now...there was no need to wait on this," Legis. Anker said. "The next part we need to make sure is that this establishment doesn't reopen. We don't need another bar here that's going to create more violence. I've been in touch with Suffolk County Police and we're going to make sure that this remains a safe place."

A liquor license has not been revoked as of yet, but with State Liquor Authority has been urged by Lesko, Bonner, Anker, State Sen. Kenneth P. LaValle and more to take action.

No action has yet been taken by the building owner or business operator to apply for another Place of Assembly permit.

"They haven't filed a permit application to re-up their permit," Lesko said. "If they choose to do that then that triggers a process which includes a full inspection of the premises and who knows what that's going to come up with. The operator of the business has to make their judgement as to what the next step's going to be, but I think we made it pretty clear today that we want to see this place shut down.

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