Jul 28, 2014
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Proposed Mt. Sinai Budget Within Tax Levy Cap

Superintendent's proposed budget includes zero cuts.

Proposed Mt. Sinai Budget Within Tax Levy Cap

Mount Sinai Superintendent Enrico Crocetti, in his first budget season, has proposed a budget for the 2013-'14 school year which would stay within the tax levy cap after last year's cap-busting budget failed.

The proposed $55.5 million budget is a 1.56 percent increase on last year's budget and includes a 4.05 percent tax levy increase, which is the maximum allowable increase within the state mandated cap for the district. The proposal includes no cuts to programs or personnel.

"We have strived to maintain our programs and personnel as to offer no disruption to our programs [and] are staying within the two-percent tax cap formula, which respects the community values," Crocetti said.

The district is expected to see $15,200,837 in state aid, an increase of over $684,000. When Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed an increase of $367,725 in January, Crocetti talked about how the state aid increase doesn't do much to help.

“Yes we did get a little bit more, but it’s not all that helpful,” he said in January. “It’s kind of like getting a little bit more on your tax return. It’s not going to change the course of the ship, but it does help us a little bit.”

During last year's budget talks, the teachers’ contract was opened and negotiated. It now terminates in 2017.  

"Our teachers did a huge give back which encompasses the first four years of that contract," Crocetti said, "benefiting the district to a sum of almost $6 million."

The board must adopt a budget at an April meeting.

"I am anticipating that this budget would be adopted by the board," Crocetti said.

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