Jul 26, 2014
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Readers React: Safety of Miller Place Road Intersection Debated

Readers share their thoughts on the high volume of accidents at trouble Miller Place Road-Route 25A intersection.

Readers React: Safety of Miller Place Road Intersection Debated Readers React: Safety of Miller Place Road Intersection Debated

Another accident Sunday has again sparked comments and concern over the safety of the intersection.

The crash was the second in a week and one of countless incidents at the area in recent months. Many have taken to Patch to share their thoughts on the intersection, with some saying it needs to be safer and others saying the blame should fall on the drivers themselves.

After one recent accident, Miller Place Fire Department First Assistant Chief Kyle Markott said, "This continues to be one of the busiest intersections on Long Island for accidents."

Below are a few comments we've received on the intersection's crash articles. Have an opinion of your own? Share it in the comments section below.

said, "That entire intersection needs no right turns on red. There are way too many cars turning and going in and out of the gas stations and 7-11."

"A very busy intersection indeed, in addition to all the businesses at the four corners with patrons entering and exiting. Suggestion:
1. Add no turn on red at each of the four corners. 2. The left turn green arrows should be followed by yellow arrows and then red arrows. 3. But the best thing would be to always remember the fact that when you are driving a car or a motorcycle, you are driving a weapon. Simply put, pay attention!"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that intersection. I pass through there and use that turn lane multiple times daily and I can say that the cause of these accidents is from people flying through the red light right after it turns yellow. I have personnaly seen 2 accidents there in the last year and that was the cause."

"Why isn't the town doing more about this intersection? How about putting in cameras for the hundreds of people who blow the lights?"

said, "It seems simple enough - reduce the speed limit from Echo Avenue to Tyler Ave or for a two mile stretch east and west of Miller Place Rd. Also add a count-down light so drivers know when the lights are about to change."

"How about personal responsibility??? People need to stop driving like they are invincible and like they are the only one on the roads!"

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