14 Sep 2014
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Vito’s Jelly Doughnuts

Classic recipe at Mineola bakery is still the same and delighting customers after three decades.

Vito’s Jelly Doughnuts Vito’s Jelly Doughnuts Vito’s Jelly Doughnuts

One of the first cookbooks to be run off on Gutenberg’s printing press was “Mastery of the Kitchen” published in Germany in 1485, says Gil Marks in his Encyclopedia of Jewish Food.

Early doughnut, he says, consisted of a bit of jam sandwiched between two rounds of deep-fried yeast bread dough: “Whether the anonymous author actually invented the idea or recounted a new practice, the concept of filling a doughnut with jam spread across the globe.”

At , Vito and Rosa Errico have been turning out the doughnuts for 31 years, selling around three dozen jelly doughnuts every day (four dozen on weekends, more on holidays).

The Dish: Jelly doughnuts

What’s Inside: the dough is flour, milk, eggs, sugar and yeast. It rises for 45 minutes, raspberry jelly is pumped into it, and it is deep-fried. The finished doughnut is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

How’s It Taste: This sweet treat is a good combination of oozy jelly and the fried dough (it’s fried--of course it tastes good). The cinnamon sugar adds a bit of crunch.

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