Jul 29, 2014

Winthrop to Propose New Research Center

Hearing date set for July 13.

Winthrop to Propose New Research Center Winthrop to Propose New Research Center

A special use hearing will be held on July 13 on a proposed research center by at the northwest corner of the intersection of Mineola Boulevard and Second Street. The building, known as the Bolhack building, was home to the old diabetes education center.

The proposal reportedly is to reconstruct the building and to take over the property up to the  restaurant.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the , said it was his belief that the research center would occupy the building “right up through” the restaurant. “They’re restructuring a lot of land that they already own and just incorporating some additional properties there,” Strauss said.

The building is currently owned by the hospital and the application is subject to the village’s development incentive bonus law. The law allowed the village board to vary provisions of the village zoning code, providing that the developer or person seeking relief provided public amenities to the village. Amenities may include parks, infrastructure, or monetary funds in lieu of so that the board can provide such amenities.

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