Jul 28, 2014

Don't let Pearl River Patch Beat Us To 700 Likes

We're neck and neck. Nanuet Patch is at 673 and Pearl River Patch is at 674.

Don't let Pearl River Patch Beat Us To 700 Likes


Have you heard what they're saying about us?

In an attempt to beat Pearl River Patch to 700 likes on  Facebook, Pearl River Patch took off the gloves. "Don't miss out on the opportunity to prove Pearl River's superiority by beating Nanuet to 700 Facebook likes," they assail.

Well, maybe so. But we were tied at 673 last night and this morning, they're only ahead by one 'like.' 

Back in August, we asked readers to help Nanuet Patch in its race with Pearl River Patch to 600 Facebook likes. 

Nanuet Patch, which launched in Aug. 2010, won that race. Now let's win this second one (It'll go nicely with our Little Brown Jug win). 

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