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UPDATE: Meet Your Nanuet Library Candidates

Voter registration will take place in the Nanuet High School on May 9 from 1-7 p.m. Voting on the school budget and library budget as well as the candidates running for school and library boards is on May 15 from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. at the Nanuet High School

UPDATE: Meet Your Nanuet Library Candidates UPDATE: Meet Your Nanuet Library Candidates


Update: Filatov's last two responses have been updated

The Board has a  to fill this year. Board Member Pamela Cirilli is not returning to the board and there are two candidates vying for her seat:

  • Lisa Filatov
  • Tim Donnelly

Patch asked both candidates a few questions about the upcoming election and ask why they're running for the board. Here are their replies:

Why are you seeking a seat on the board and why should people vote for you?

Tim Donnelly 

I went down to a Board meeting to see what was transpiring at the request from a friend that I have done numerous charity fund raisers with. I found that there were issues being placed out on the table that were important but some of the replies were a little off the mark. I did voice my opinion and hopefully my common sense approach did in fact make a difference (the board went in a different direction than the proposal that was raised). Right there, I felt that I could make a difference on this board and give a little back to the community that I have lived in for 15 years.

Lisa Filatov

When I saw that the library was in need of a Trustee I knew that I wanted to be that new Trustee.  I want to participate as a member of this team, the current library board, to advance the interests of the community by effectively governing the operations and promoting the development of the library. I have lived in Nanuet for over 25 years and visit the library frequently.  As a mother of four children in the Nanuet School system, I will be a voice for the youth and families of Nanuet.  Having my grandmother, in her 80's, living with me for many years, I will also be listening to the needs of the senior community. 

What qualifications do you bring to the board?

Tim Donnelly

While my degree is in Accounting, I have been involved in managing different Operational departments and filling different roles in the Financial Industry for 20 plus years. I feel that my experience in the private sector contains important skill sets that I can bring to the table. Personal traits that I can bring to this board are my analytical skills, common sense, malleability, determination, sense of humor and even occasionally a little arrogance with the ability to get my point across.

Lisa Filatov

As an original and current member of a Governance Board founded four years ago at the church I attend, I feel my board experience is an asset to being a Trustee on the Nanuet Library Board.  My husband, Peter Filatov, and I own a wireless consulting business. I attend to many of the accounting and banking needs. Before I had my children I was responsible for the accounting department of an electrical contracting company. I was in charge of the financials of the company and the accounts payables, receivables and payroll personnel. I have been involved with Girl Scouts for 10 years: the past four years as a leader and the past three years on the Nanuet Girl Scout Council. I have a wide variety of experiences that can be brought to this library board and I look forward to using them.

What are the top issues facing the board and how do you plan to address them?

Tim Donnelly 

From the meetings that I have attended, I feel that the top issues facing the board are making this institution a safe, user-friendly community hub that people want to come to. I reviewed the mission statement from pre 2005 and found that the statement was not far off the mark.  The most disturbing part of the statement was in page 6 where residents discuss their preference in going to other libraries. When I went around to get my eligibility petition signed, I found that people were still echoing the same thing that was stated in pre 2005 (see mission statement pg 6), that they prefer to use other libraries for various reasons.

Money is always a big issue. I found it concerning that the Library Trustees actually spent in excess of $13,000 to drill a test well, so they can get an estimate on a geothermal well. When I inquired on this I discovered that no cost benefit analysis or even a break even analysis was prepared. I am all for going green, but a Trustee is not only the Trustee for the library, but with the tax payers funds as well. (See minutes of meeting Feb 28. In the same meeting, the library resolves that the tax levy cap might have to be exceeded).

Lisa Filatov

The budget is of course a big issue for the library.  I believe the board and director of the library did a commendable job with staying below the 2 percent property tax cap.  I know that future budget decisions will not be easy but I want to be a part of the team that forms these decisions.

Given the talk of a proposed annual cap on property tax increases, in relation to state mandates such as employee pension contributions, would you be willing to go with a cap that does not address the mandates, or do you believe tackling both at once are needed? 

Tim Donnelly 

I do not believe in separating financial issues. One of the biggest reasons for the loss in faith with any level of government is when people feel that they or issues are not being dealt with forthright and honestly. The library’s largest source of income is the taxpayers, and the two greatest resources in the libraries are the books, and the staff of the library. While, I do not see any advantage to separating the issues, however I always listen to a reasonable counterpoint, in case there is a scenario that I did not think about and reevaluate the situation.

Lisa Filatov

The tax cap law has already passed therefore the state mandates must be considered and can't be separated.   In the future there maybe a situation where the tax cap would have to be exceeded.

Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like the public to know about you or your candidacy?

Tim Donnelly 

 As a member of Nanuet for 15+ years, my wife and I like many other residents have watched our children grow and flourish in this town to a young man who went off to college, and a teenage daughter that is excelling in the Nanuet school system. I do feel that the library in any town / neighborhood / area should be a safe integral part of their town. My intention, if the voters give me the opportunity, is to give a little back to this town by working to achieve that goal.

I was also pleased to find out that I have received the endorsement of Councilman Denis Troy.

Lisa Filatov

I believe the library is the center of the community.  All people, no matter of age, benefit from the materials, programs and computers.  I want to be a Trustee on the Board of Trustees for the Nanuet Public Library and feel I can represent the community well. Please go out and vote on May 15th and I would greatly appreciate your vote.

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Voter registration will take place in the  on May 9 from 1-7 p.m. Voting on the and  as well as the candidates running for  and library boards is on May 15 from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. at the Nanuet High School gym.

In this article, the candidates talked about: 

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