Jul 28, 2014

Nanuet Elementary Principals Address Valentine Treats

Letters were sent home in the mail to parents

Nanuet Elementary Principals Address Valentine Treats


New  are being implemented at the Nanuet Schools. These federal regulations were put in place because of food allergies and student health. Here are the rules:

  • No home-prepared foods during regular school hours of operation from the time the breakfast program begins until the end of the last lunch period
  • After the last period of lunch, schools can switch over and sell high-sugar content food such as soda

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, parents of elementary children need to find alternatives to Valentine sweets. 

At Miller Elementary, Principal Betsy Smith is hoping to shift the focus away from sugary foods and is not allowing candy or food treats for Valentine's day. Here is the letter that was sent home:

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday and your child’s teacher will be in touch with you about how the class will be celebrating the holiday during the school day.

As you know, recent government guidelines have set limits as to what food we can serve and distribute in school.  I ask that when you are choosing Valentines for your child to bring in for classmates, please avoid any candy or food treats for distribution.  We hope to share Valentine cards and wishes without focusing on sugary foods. 

Your support and cooperation of this request is greatly appreciated.

"This is the note that went home in backpacks for parents," said Smith, adding suggestions as well. "Stickers, pencils or temporary holiday tattoos are often non-food items that are shared. Home made cards or packaged valentines without candy are available options too."

Over at Highview Elementary, Principal Barbara Auriemma also sent home a letter to parents. During the PTA meeting on Wednesday, she said that if valentines have sweets attached, teachers will be asked to put those directly into backpacks at the end of class. 

Next Tuesday is Valentine's Day.  As you know, Highview Elementary School is following a strict No Food policy.  We realize that students will be exchanging Valentine cards and that some include an additional surprise.  We encourage you to consider pencils, stickers and other non-food items.

If candy does come into school, students will be allowed to take it home.  Please alert your child's teacher if you prefer that your child does not bring candy home.

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