Jul 28, 2014

Rebuild Hi-Tor Seeks Fundraising Ideas & Help (VIDEO)

The next Rebuild Hi-Tor General Public meeting is August 14 in Orangetown. Questions? Call 845-215-5020 or go to www.RebuildHiTor.org or email RebuildHiTor@gmail.com. The paver form is attached to this article.


In an attempt to save Hi Tor Animal Care Center, Rockland County’s only animal shelter, several members of the public teamed up with Hi-Tor to form a plan to save the shelter. Last month, Don Franchino revealed the that he’s spearheading, which is fundraise to build a three times the size of the previous one. 

"This is a very emotional issue. This is county-wide," said Franchino. "I'm not criticizing the county for the building that's there. I want to move forward with a positive message with this fundraising effort."

Thursday night was the first of several general public meetings. Franchino plans to hit every town in Rockland; the next meeting is Orangetown on August 14. He also plans to ask each town to pass a resolution supporting the rebuild effort and talk to the towns about increasing how much of the budget is allocated to Hi-Tor. 

This weekend there will be a donation table at the Palisades Center. On Saturday, stop by the food court from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. where Franchino and a few volunteers will be available to give out information and collect Hi-Tor donations. On Sunday, a table will be set up by the customer service desk on the first floor. The time is TBA. 

However, the fundraising effort needs volunteers and ideas to get off the ground. Rebuild Hi-Tor is asking anyone from the community to contact them with ideas for fundraising and possibly lending a hand in organizing these events.

"A volunteer is donating their time, which is above any dollar amount. Volunteers are invaluable," said Franchino. One item that Arlene Kahn, of Save Hi-Tor, stressed was for the public to Not contact the shelter with questions or issues related to the rebuild effort as that would burden the shelter.

Those that can help with any of the following items or have ideas of their own should call 845-215-5020 or go to www.RebuildHiTor.org or email RebuildHiTor@gmail.com. Ideas thrown around at last night's meeting include:

  • Volunteers to man the collection table at the Palisades Center for upcoming weekends—the volunteer hours are up to the individual
  • Families adopting a business by placing a donation bucket in that local establishment and emptying it every other week
  • A Carnival is in the works (possibly in the Kohl's shopping center)
  • Wendy's Fundraiser
  • Chili's Restaurant Fundraiser
  • Golf Outing
  • Poker Run
  • Macy's Shop for a Cause
  • Rockland Boulders
  • Getting 'Here We Go' Dog from Budweiser to do a guest appearance
  • A check-box for a Hi-Tor Donation next to future dog license renewals
  • Car Washes—hosted by girl scouts, schools, etc ...
  • In the works: Rockland Road Runners 5K Run and Pet Walk at Rockland Lake State Park with possible dunk tanks
  • Zumba

There is also a need for people to join the grants committee. Franchino mentioned a few ongoing permanent fundraisers he's looking into. One that has already started is the . Other ideas that were discussed were:

  • Voluntary monthly donation starting at $1 and up to be added on to a person's utility bill if he/she chooses to do so
  • Supermarkets scanner cards where a donation can be made at the register for Hi-Tor

Currently there is a town coordinator for North Rockland, however Rebuild Hi-Tor needs volunteers to become town coordinators for Clarkstown, Orangetown and Ramapo. These coordinators will relay events and updates within the towns related to the fundraising process back to the main Rebuild Hi-Tor committee.

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