21 Aug 2014
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Message To Grads As RCC Celebrates 50th Year: Follow Your Dreams

1,100 students graduate; Morahan honored, but could not attend ceremony.

Despite the tough economic times and turbulent political discourse that once again have come to the nation's fore, students at Sunday's Rockland Community College graduation ceremony were told to be upbeat and follow their dreams.

The college honored about 1,100 graduates from last fall and winter and this spring at its Eugene Levy Fieldhouse in Ramapo. The college, celebrating its 50th anniversary, also paid tribute to state Sen. Thomas Morahan, R-New City, with an honorary degree. However, Morahan, 79, who is battling leukemia, did not attend the ceremony.

 "You have the power to move forward as agents of change," said Cliff Wood, the college's president, during the graduation ceremony.

Mark Svensson, who was the student speaker, said his fellow graduates embody hard work and dedication. They also showed a great deal of compassion and a desire to make a difference in the world.

"There will never not be a need for people who care for others," he said.

 Tarik Abdelqader of New City, president of the Student Government Association, said while the graduates had diverse cultural backgrounds, ages and goals, they all have arrived at this day and will succeed in the future.

 U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., urged the graduates to pursue their goals and not be easily dissuaded.

"This is the time to figure out your dream, reach inside yourself and see if you can achieve it," he said.

 The alumni speaker, screenwriter and comdian Regina DeCicco, told the students to face their fears, try something new and not to be afraid to fail. DeCicco graduated from RCC in 1998 and recently wrote and directed her first award-winning short film, "The Cyclist."

 "Sometimes strength comes from unexpected places," she said. "The higher you reach, I'll assure you, the closer you'll get (to your dreams)."

More than 1,300 attended the graduation. The proud parents, family and friends cheered, waved and beamed at the graduates as they marched into the fieldhouse and throughout the ceremony.

 While most of the day focuse on the students, one faculty member was singled out for his dedication and service to the college.

 Joseph Famellette, a professor of physical education, has been at RCC since almost the very beginning. He celebrated his 50th, and final, year this year and was given a plaque, a copy of which will be put in the fitness center, which the college is naming after him.

  "What an honor and privilege it's been to be a member of this wonderful faculty and teach these students," he said.

Upon bestowing him the plaque, the college's executive vice president, Morton Meyers, said: "He is one of the most beloved faculty at RCC. It is his dedication to his job, RCC and his students that we are honoring him today."

Two non-faculty also were honored with the college's first honorary degrees: Morahan and businessman Herbert Kurz of Piermont, longtime leader of Presidential Life insurance company in Nyack.

 "As we complete our 50th year, it's only appropriate we recognize Senator Morahan," said Richard Kohlhausen, vice-chairman of the college's board of trustees.

He said Morahan always supported the school and "he's done the right thing at the right time for all of us." That included helping secure $1.3 million for the Hudson Valley Education Consortium, the second largest grant in the college's history, and state money to build the school's center for children and families.

Two of his Morahan's daughters accepted the degree on his behalf. Ron Levine, a spokesman for Morahan, said when the honor was announced that Morahan was thrilled by it.

"This has been very uplifting for him," Levine said. The senator genuinely was touched and humbled."

Kurz, 90, of Piermont, said he has always been committed to education at all levels. He helped raise about $230,000 for student tutoring and support programs and gave stock valued at $400,000 to the RCC Foundation for student services.

Also honored at graduation Sunday was Peter Arvanites of New City, a RCC math professor who is former president of the RCC Faculty Senate. He received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service.

Here are the graduates honored Sunday:

May 2010 Degree Candidates


Gitty Blachman

Min S. Chun

Malka Grunstein

Jeffrey Layne

Reiko Miyamoto

Meir Stimmel


Amber L. Caldara

Alex Mathelier


Amanda S. Akdemir

Moraina M. Avila

Christopher Bottari

Jordan Esposito

Donald H. Gabel

Daniel Levin

Robert M. McAllister

Edward McKenna

Kathryn M. Nath

Maegan R. Nevins

Peter O'Donnell

Michael A. Tsironis

Scott Tyler

Natalya Vasilyeva

Kelly L. Walsh

Kristy L. Walsh


Odette S. Villard


Shani Bennett

Desta D. Biratu

Michelle A. Carroll

Jose R. Cartagena

Andree Charles

Nana N. Condua

Donaldo Espinal

Taphia T. Hogarth-Walker

Marie J. Saint clair

Yonea S. Sewell


Asheena Holden

Annmarie Wilhelm

Campbell Hall

Alexandra M. Losurdo


Laura A. Bukowski

Grace Choe

Leesa M. Contorino

Lindsay A. Ericksen

Chestnut Ridge

Ori N. Bensimhon

Michelle S. Faubert

Rodrick Ford, Jr.

Heather A. Gliniecki

Anna Narcisse

Kelba M. Sosa


Ewa A. Polowniak

Anna Stephen


Daniel V. Alicea

Subin Babu

Michael P. Bauer

Suzanne M. Dauksza

Dana M. DeJesus

Carrie L. Goldstein

Vasylyna I. Lenyk

Kyle M. Litoff

Andrew Moghab

Bindi B. Parikh

Jose Philip

Vanessa M. Pugliese

Matthew R. Reynolds

Jamie M. Roosa

Ken W. Savoury

Dennis Sherry

Sean P. Slinn

Elvir Srdanovic

Svitlana Starkova


Bryan D. Bender

Cornwall on Hudson

Crystal M. Moschiano

Robert C. Smith


Tatiana M. Grilo

Fort Montgomery

Andrew Marcinak


Nicole Della Monica

Edward T. DuBee

Susana Estevez

Karen M. Fagan

Tracy Gannon

Jeffrey Liz

Gushnaek Louissaint

Erin E. Onderdonk

Elias Ortiz

Nickcole Redmon

Daniel Reyes

Christopher J. Sullivan

Yvonne H. Thompson

Elyza A. Velez

Jessica T. Wamsley

Josine C. Young

Greenwood Lake

Phoebe J. Kelly

Tracey R. Perna

Jacqueline R. Soares


Heather Dowd

Melissa A. Heffel

Justin A. Lamarch

Marie A. Mitchell

Sally A. Onderdonk

Nikki Y. Rosso

Wafa S. Safizadeh


Andrea R. Iaconetti


Carolina Abreu

Bonnie A. Alfonso

Kelvin Aracena

Maite Aviles

Caitlin D. Bailey-Wickins

Krystal Batts

Shakia Batts

Catherine Bueno

Maneli N. Cortes

Nicholas S. DeSerio

Jacqueline Ferreiras-Flores

Amanda L. Garcia

Jonathan L. Gonzalez

Evelina Lopez

Vanesa Martinez

David E. Mateo

Ana M. Minaya

Luke D. Patterson

Kellie J. West

Joseph L. Westphal

Patrick D. Widmayer

Dario E. Ynoa


Jackline Oriwa


Brett M. Young

Highland Falls

Nicole C. Belladone

Brittany A. Bloise

Shelly-Ann M. Lindo

Alesia Meyer

Kristin A. Miller

Ian Ridgeway

Carolyn Rodriguez

Nicole J. Stevens

Jennifer Zielinski

Highland Mills

Bryan P. Batewell

Brian R. Goldstein

Ahkiem R. Green-Washington

Simeon Jean-Julien

David Kassirer

Kristina A. King

Beatrice M. Kwasnaza

Monica L. Merrill

Janice Militello

James K. Monahan

Robert S. Musolino Jr.


Nicole M. Plumley


Ivan Nixon


Erica L. Nawrocki


Renee Campolongo


Seara Kim

Loch Sheldrake

Sarah M. Zweig


Eliane A. Dos Santos

Sean M. Forkins


Michael P. Calderon

Mariola Dabrowska

Elizabeth M. DeAngelis

Jamise L. Henry

Rody J. Rosaly


Christina V. Avila

Matthew J. Blum

Nicole A. Colasurdo

Michael J. Coolbaugh

Monique S. Diaz

Jane S. Hyman

Michael M. Ibrahim

Kevin F. Jacobsen

Robert A. Johnson

Michael Lennon

Andrejs R. Madrid

Justin E. Marren

Alexander J. Nicholas

Maciej D. Nowakowski

Lourdes Rapelye

Vivian M. Serrano

Mike S. Townsend

Kyle J. Tymon

Noelle S. Velez


Benjamin Abboudi

Patricia Aguilera

James D. Akumu

Liliana E. Alcala

Indiana Alymbekova

Kouelee S. Amededjisso

Deysi Y. Banegas

Mercedes C. Barrera

Devon C. Beuschel

Dalya B. Blech

Maria A. Carac

Carmen L. Castillo

Fabienne Chery

Karyn R. Choy

Josetty R. Cruz

Julius P. deMata

Joseph C. Domingo

Shlomo S. Ettlinger

Yuberkis Febles

Marie-Tania S. Francois

Eran Gamil

Allison Garner

Barbara Gaston

Alan S. Grunwald

William J. Halloran

Mary J. Jackson

Dvorah E. Kasnett

Kimberly S. Katzman

Christopher Lawrence

Edit Lopez

Leonidas B. Lucien

Ofelia M. Mancia

Sneha M. Monzy

Andrea F. Najera

Nathaniel I. Orlofsky

Keyla L. Perez

Amie M. Phillips

Mirna Y. Rodezno

Ana P. Rosa

Carine Sanon

Leah Semmel

Marie L. Valentin

Peter M. Van der Meulen

Aviva B. Weinstein

Adina C. Weiskopf

Ann B. Zamler


Noel T. Delgado

Mount Vernon

Lorraine P. Beckles


Jeffrey Marinan


Derek Abruzzese

Dana Agapescu

Joao P. Almeida

Magally Alpizar

Justin August

Amanda F. Banks

Nisa T. Borwornthammarat

Inga Brutyan

Michael A. Croce, Jr.

Patrick F. Cunnane

Kristie M. DeJesus

Mark A. DeJesus

Nathaniel L. Dixon

Djanny Dorsainvil

Tanisha L. Downey

Erica Duvalsaint

Thomas J. Fallon

Loretta A. Gerace

Laura A. Goldstein

Azeb G. Gray

Steven T. Hicks

Raima Jamal

Diana Jean-Paul

Adam C. Kone

Sarah M. Lambro

Melissa E. Magris

Allan Mathelier

Luis Manuel Oliveros

Melenie Ortega

Tania Panicucci-Roma

Terence I. Philpotts

Jessica Ricciardi

Hector J. Rodriguez

Andrea N. Sacerdote

Alexander B. Sallahian

James R. Smith

Lourdes Sosa

Amanda E. Stark

Verawati Then

Ginger Tran

Sharjeel Waqar

Kayla R. Whidbee

New City

Tarik N. Abdelqader

David J. Ackerman

Domenica R. Albero

Geena M. Amador

Jill H. Anish

Rebecca G. Ast

Michael Belmonte

Matthew R. Bieber

Kerri Biktjorn

Sarah-Ann Bloom

Rayna Z. Boyarsky

Michael A. Camadeco

Keri E. Cinelli

Mary C. Cipriano

Adrian S. Coker

Elena M. DeForest

Frank DeVito

Alexandra C. Donato

Anthony R. Errico

Andrea Fernandez

Jonathan R. Fleischman

Nicole R. Frankel

Patricia J. Frisch

Jessica Gomez

Laurel Gruenwald

Sofie Gugel

Andrea Hamar

Abigail Hunte

Andrew P. Kardis

Eric Laitman

Nicole M. Lebers

Richard O. Leger

Eugene S. Levit

Nicole J. Levy

Samuel J. Lurie

Sophia M. Manalil

Jarrett A. Martin

Dorothy Mensah

Pierre R. Millien

Matthew A. Murphy

Joseph G. Napoli

Mark Palankerin

George M. Pavel

Elaine R. Pisares

Shady Z. Rizkalla

Christian Salcedo

Christopher J. Sanchez

Ziv Schwartz

Chou S. Seng

Alexa L. Silver

Taeksoo Sim

Thomas Thorkelsen

Maricel C. Vergara

Alison M. Vidler

Lee E. Weber

Jillian S. Weisman

Paulina Winnicka

Jenna A. Winnicki

Vladimir I. Yelizarov

Joshua A. Zimmer

New Hempstead

Alejandra Castillo

Daniel E. Philippe

New Windsor

John McNamara

Daniel J. Thorn

New York

Xiaoou Cao


Kristine M. Alo

North Arlington

Sujung Choi-Won


Christine L. Bendul


Cristina Aponte

Nathaphonphong Bandasak

Akim Coichy

Inayah A. Davis

Ashley D. Dawson

Alexandra E. Exner

Marika Giorgadze

Arvinese I. Holland

Lucien-Andre P. Hybel

Fabiola Maldonado

Jean-Ernst A. Michel

Johanna M. Nimo

Christina Pamphile

Ankitkumar B. Patel

Claudia Pinto

Rochelle S. Remigio

Julianne M. Rossi-Sooy

Rosa L. Schankereli

Yoscharus Valuriya

Celeste Wood


Ronald Beaubrun

Danielle N. Caroselli

Shane Curran

Kristin N. DiDonato

Colleen M. Fee

Eungi H. Jung

Jiseon Kim

Amir Kolenovic

Mark Svensson


Lamin Conteh


Megan A. Oldenburger

Scott W. Schuler

Pearl River

Elizabeth B. Breunig

Patrick F. Brown

Deborah A. Burden

Charlotte C. Caton

Nicole G. Cueva

Alyssa L. DeGregory

Matthew F. Delgardio

Joseph X. Feger

Diane M. Franzese

David T. McManus

Salman Mian

Daniel R. Morrissey

Maria V. Reinante

Eugene G. Renne

Kaitlyn M. Reynolds

Joseph C. Ross

Tara M. Telepan

Marisa Wanamaker

Christina M. Weir

Nina I. Zambardino


Teresa Leonti


Leon Abhiva

Evens Alphonse

Christian J. Alvarado

Ivis Amoros

Lisa M. Amoros

Matthew Arnowich

Beheshta Bassam

Homaira Bassam

Agustina M. Bido

Joseph F. Bonheur

Samantha R. Botwinick

Evania M. Cabillis

Maryrose B. Catral

Jerome S. Crearer

Nikki R. Culianos

Alla Goldstein

Kevin R. Hickey

Shonree D. Hylton

Brianna T. Lalji

Christopher R. Landry

Claudine Lapointe

Alisarri Lopez

Raemonda R. Lupo

Jekaterina S. Maltsev

Claritza V. Martinez

Alana M. Miller

Marym Mohiby

Kelley M. Mottolese

Michael J. Orris

Amber L. Page

Su-Young Shin

Obed Thomas

Alan A. Trepper


Fiona Abdoola

Emily Friedhoff

Saint Albans

Ana M. Moreno


Matthew Corvin


Wilson R. Aviles

Annemarie N. Basile

Heather L. Bradley

Ke Yan Chen

Eileen M. Connelly

Brigid M. Hardiman

Megan A. LaBurt-Barba

Joseph D. Quinn

Raymond M. Sheehan

Brian P. Stritmater

Anthony M. Sykes


Daniel Brusa

Nancy Calderon

John W. Ceccolini

Kathryn Scherf

Austen Zivec

Spring Valley

Sergenande Alcin

Gregory L. Alexis

Krystal L. Alexis

Carline M. Alphonse

Steven R. Antoine

Duckson Augustin

Dakendy Benoit

Dominique J. Bossicot

Samuel Brachie

Jean-Paul Cambry

Katherine P. Campozano

Maureen Cezalien

McCartney D. Charleus

Helodia Dastine

Rachelle Denis

Nhi Diep

Shamma A. Dieujuste

Pinches Dirnfeld

Cecelyn Dixon

Tiana M. Downey

Gregory Elie

Myrlande Etienne

Kinga A. Fontanilla

Marie M. Francois

Tristan C. Fraser

Donovan W. Fuller

Erica M. Gadler

Kimberly Garcia

Kenrick A. Georges

Kimberly G. Gomez

Jamila O. Grampus

Shatiya J. Green-Pruitt

Fan Guo

Ashley Jasmin

Enior J. Jimenez

Clifford Joseph

Jean E. Joseph

Sharnie Joseph

Chaya R. Kin

Bracha Kivelevitz

Avraham A. Kolt

Felicia M. Lambert

Yanbin Lin

Athena C. Losier

Shenee T. Lowers

Michael B. Malone

Wesley E. McDonald

Darwin Medidor

Darnell Mehu

Constance T. Montgomery

Michelle S. Morrison

Jayakumar Murali

Arny Osei

Kevin Y. Pingol

Jendayi S. Pinnock

Toshimia C. Redd

Zhanna Rosseychuk

Gerardo Roxas

Christopher E. Sanchez

Pablo Sandoval

Jeannette M. Scarpa

Michael H. Schwartz

Boubacar Seyni Souley

Zubair Shahzad

Cassandra St. Preux

Tsidi Tamakloe

Mariel A. Tenorio-Molina

Reshma M. Varghese

Toni O. Williams

Alexandra T. Wren

Staten Island

Louis J. Guglielmetti

Peter J. Lompado

Stony Point

Nicole Bagarozzi

Jena Blasone

Steven Bongiardina

James s. Borchers

Thomas H. Cass Jr.

Matthew S. Christie

Adyna K. Correa

Maria A. Di Cara

Elizabeth D. Dunnigan

Ryan J. Fasano

Jason Filor

Kaitlyn N. Jefferson

Deirdre M. Keenan

Christine Laiso

Jacqueline Lavelle

Joshua S. Lehman

Darrell A. Lowe

Stacey L. Marrero

Carissa Martinez

Madelyn D. Martinez

Christopher A. Matos

Maggie R. Milone

Shanna M. Moran

Sky Nelson

Christopher J. Obergfell

Darlene T. Pacella

Kenneth J. Palminteri

Ariel R. Paz

Samantha R. Plumlee

John Rosario

April M. Scalera

Kaitlyn E. Schnalzer

Stephanie V. Sotomayer

Christopher W. Stritmater

Nicole L. Vetrano


Kevin M. Banahan

Joshua Bareket

Christy Basdeo

Chul-Soon Chang

Danny M. Cohen

Grace C. Conte

Caitlin J. Delaney

Erik J. Dorf

Matthew G. Duke

Cynthia Estevez

Nicholas P. Florio

Paola M. Garcia Cardenas

Stephanie Grunstein

Melissa M. Guilloty

Jian Yin He

Kyle Hooper

Shoshana R. Horowitz

Alivia M. Iorio

Jintaweeporn Jittithavorn

Kazuhide Kosugi

Jenna Kurtz

Matthew S. Linker

Elana Marinelli

Heather A. Marshall

Kelly S. Meany

Samuel J. Montal

Susan C. Montemorano

Diana Montgomery

Hye Rang Moon

Anyshia L. Moore

Andrew C. Newmark

Sean O'Brien

Anabela M. Oliveira

Zoltan Orban

Katya Ortiz

Danielle Osorio

John N. Paglia

Mariya Pankiv

Puiking T. Pong

Christopher J. Roberts

Steven J. Roberts

Carolina Rojas-Mesa

Claudia S. Romero

Daniel A. Schwartz

Scott S. Statham

Ryan A. Vermette

Jennifer R. Winters

Irina H. Zuzalova

Sugar Loaf

Loretta Streichert


Christopher L. Bow

Michael T. Gravina

Lauren Linzenberg


John Abdi

Jennifer R. Bondulich

Chloe M. Cannon

Anthony R. Chen

Antonio P. DeLoatch Jr.

Luan Djekovic

David L. Jones

John W. Kayser

Do H. Kim

Matthew D. Landes

James McQuade

James K. Park

Miriam M. Paz


Jennifer J. Wyatt


Elliot J. Gildin

Jeremy M. Leidner

Brian M. Turk

Sara A. Walters


Adam Bierenbaum

Jacqueline A. Fitzpatrick

Daniela P. Herring

Weisi Huang

Victoria M. Jusino

Scott Moore

Nicole L. Piperato

Tomkins Cove

Jitka Bohmova

Heather J. Delo

Brandon L. Longueira

Samantha R. Stila

Tuxedo Park

Debra L. Forsythe

Miriana K. Kloke

Anthony J. Riggio

Joseph M. Smith

Kenneth Stuma

Kelly M. Yuill

Upper Nyack

Anna T. Duffy

Valley Cottage

Brian Angiolillo

Virginia A. Burrell

Titus E. Campomanes

Hannah M. Cespon

Rosanna DePrimo

Michael R. Doyle

Monisha Gandhi

Arielle C. McDonald

Rebecca L. McManus

Jamie N. Nyemchek

Daniel R. Ramos

Brittany M. Verrino

Andrew R. Wanamaker

Wappingers Falls

Nicholas A. Russo


Brian P. Cancellieri

Joseph Graziadio

Wendy Green

Mary-Christine Hennessy

Eric M. Kamp

Robert T. Storms

Washington Township

Kerri A. Goldberg

Wesley Hills

Jo Danna Finch

Shawn E. McNamara

Israel M. Shenker

West Haverstraw

Gianna R. Accattato

Jennifer M. Alvarado

Ann M. Alves

Irvens Augustin

Denice Barbosa

Anibel Bourdierd

Matthew M. Curran

Carl H. Jacques

Ravindra D. Narayanasamy

Venecia Quezada

Rachel S. Rondon

John C. Santana

Micheal A. Tessora

West Nyack

Jenna C. Coene

Maria E. Coene

Nicole M. Cronin

Melissa J. Durkin

Seina M. Fernandez

Michelle A. Laryea

Victor Mazzoco

Kyle T. McKiernan

Kara McHale

Jonna D. Morgo

Alexandra A. Prestano

Sintija Rakule

Lauren M. Smith

White Plains

William J. Murphy


Doreen Domkofski


Edward G. Antwi

Vivian Campbell-Osei

Gurmeet Deol

Marvette L. Hairston

August 2009 Graduates

Chestnut Ridge

Terrence Rivers


Jonathan L. Brand

Matthew DeVivo

Ramon Vasquez


Michael J. Campbell

Stephen Andrew Elliott

Victoria L. Johnson


Renee Alexandra Bulley

Ricardo M. Cruz

Melvin Maniarasu

Jims C. Preval

Randell Reyes

Matthew Joseph Van Pelt

Greenwood Lake

Jonathan W. Kessler


Melinda Sylvette Marrero

Carlos S. Rajo


Jenna Noel Patire

Highland Falls

Katie Anne Lewis

Highland Mills

Jeffrey M. Canale

Nicole Kuklis

Frank P. Minieri

Joseph M. Pucciarelli

Danielle Marie Rinaldo

Marlyn Tszyrbe


Michelle Pimenta


Yves France Coriolan Remarais

Yodit G. Gemeda

Sheldon Minzer

Robert G. Papini Jr.

Matthew John Rose

Pearl Spira

Yetta Sternfield


Aleashia Castello


Geovanna P. Garcia Bravo


Claudia J. Brown

Sean D. Crowe

Amanda E. Erps

Nerlande Jean

Joan M. Thornton

New City

Tricia Alston

Susan Lee List

Frank Moricco

Ariel Quaglia

Michael Anthony Rizzo

Sara Safaei Mojarad

Yulie Sokolsky

Victor Tello

Saim Ullah

New Hempstead

Sima Itzkowitz

New Windsor

Annalisa Santos


Jessica J. Perran


Michael Tomasi


Joanna Marie Berry

Bryan K. Cooper

Jean Fonvil

Jillian Hope Soderman

Michael John Turzio


Geraldine T. Keane

Pearl River

Komel Mian

Helen P. Montchal

Paul J. Rosato

Michael J. Ross

Ryan F. Spicer


Alexis Dyan Lefton

Liz Rabi

Jennifer A. Roach

Windsor Vincent


Angela Lena Lahm

Andrei Lapitski

Spring Valley

Paul A. Antoine

Patrick Blemur

Tanecia F. Headley

Frantz Jean-Francois

Jamel L. Joseph

Samanta D. Joseph

Devorah Karp

Avreet Kaur

Maxine R. Lewis

Ovetta C. Mena

Michael A. Patellis

Yolande Salima Ramazani

Ivelisse Roman

Meir Yechiel Rotbard

Hennie Marion Smith

Shubert Saint Fort Blanc

Salman Tahir

Nicole Venant

Stony Point

Paul M. Carlucci

Samantha E. Ferrara

Danielle Jean Fortier

Jordan Philip Lombardi

Joseph James Morales


Rachel Conway

Tara E. Foley

Josephine A. Gaurana

Chuo-Lin Hsiung

Fumihiro Kawashima

Nicholas James Mallon

Brent O'Hanlon

Saleem Qamar Shahdin

Youngmi Seo

Joseph Carmine Spina III

Dayna M. Stevens

Jakshylyk Urmatbek uulu

Holly D. Youmans


Tzina Klein


Rafael Rispoli


Geri Danielle Ladd

Christopher Sayegh

Tomkins Cove

Chelsea M. Klein

Valley Cottage

Michael R. Castro

Stacie Marie Diamond

Patrick S. Mattia

Ashlee Lauren Miele


Nick Onyango Alila


Corissa Bundenthal

Brielle Elise Messina


Stephanie A. Cocchiara

Wesley Hills

Michelle Woodside

West Haverstraw

Lisset Fernandez

Christopher Garcia

Savitri Guzman

West Nyack

Ryan T. Fay

Samara D. Konan

Nicole K. Stella

December 2009 Graduates


Juan Manuel Cilento

Lunick Joseph

Michelle Mendicino

Liam D. O'Brien


Kristy McNulty

Emily Villaraza


Karen Candanedo-Torres

Jason A. Dourlaris

Bernadette M. O'Shea

Nicolas Schlanger

Fredrick M. Vero


Marion Dadia Daley

Adewunmi Ogunbiyi

Ian G. Perry


Candace A. Richmond

Norma Elain Watson

Campbell Hall

Ashlee L. Whalen


Danna Caldara

Chestnut Ridge

Jason Izon

Simon Manandhar

Marisol Sauer


Courtney Ann Richards


Jaroslava Tkacova


William Patrick Harvey

Charisse Lasola

Felipe Vilches

Cornwall on Hudson

Mark E. Raymond

Cortlandt Manor

Daniel John Berte

Fort Lee

Eunice Y. Hsu


Kimberly A. West


Bella Pisello


Patricia Audige

Michael S. Bunyan

Amrit N. Etwaroo

Guadalupe M. Fishman

Robert George Jarer III

Peter J. Johnson

Jameline Santos

Jessica M. Smith

Nicole D. Stewart

Veronica Daly Van Pelt

Greenwood Lake

Julie Anne Rivera

Susan M. Spellman

Amanda Nicole Tonnessen


Robert A. Lenihan


Shana L. Alvarez

Jorge Bueno

Tatiana Canjura

Yuri Castillo

Nataly M. Duran DeLaCruz

Cuudoes Ellis-Clark

Ernest R. Fisher Jr.

Gretchen Schreihofer Malfitano

Shanniqua M. Mitchell

Yaklin S. Polanco

Edgar I. Rentas

Khareen Rogena Sterling

Rosemary Trinkle

Patricia Zulme

Highland Falls

James A. Belladone Jr.

Highland Mills

Danielle M. Casesa

Emmano Jean-Julien

Nerilee A. Mateo


Juana Elizabeth Perez Ramirez


Audrey Gonzalez


Dwyhte A. Douglas


Alper Habip


Junie R. Girault


Brittney L. Jones

Karen Cocks Jones

Andrew John Lenihan

Shahan H. Momin

Lissette I. Morales

Emily M. Nicholas

Amanda Reilly

Kimberly Reilly

Clinton J. Roosa

Suzanne Russo

Pamela Sutherland

Joanna Maria Szpunar

Theresa J. Tripi


Melody Decosta

Djinie Emmanuel

Aaron Ettlinger

Abraham Genuth

Chaya Jacknis

Sumayya Javid

Honey T. Katzman

Salman Khushnood

Marilyn Levovitz

Joshua J. Markowitz

Chaya Metzger

Alan Nemtzov

Benjamin S. Ryp

Jonathan Taveras

Shifra L. Ullman

Nader A. Youssef

Malka Zabner


Joel A. Nierenberg


Chloe Maybruch


Barbara Adu-Gyamfi

Alannah Lynn Alfieri

Rich J. Berkowitz

Munkhjargal Ganbold

Fen Ireus

Erica Joyce

Stanley J. Julien

Matthew Alan Kassel

Qiaobin Lin

Serin Simon

Daryl Ann Sobota

JeanAnne Tiesler

Christina C. Torres

New City

Bridie Patricia Aguayo

Maksim Akelin

Anthony Vincent Aloi

Bianca R. Aloi

Jennifer M. Bell

Daniel A. Capasso

Elaine Cristina Cardoso

Douglas J. Chironno

Christopher G. Como

Jourdan A. Doherty

Shayna Alyse Forte

Kim A. Foskew

Lahna Greene

Gary L. Hartell Jr.

Brianne Hunt

Joseph Kuruthukulangara

Dayna Leibowitz

Angela N. Litterini

Adelola A. Odunlade

Ben Omesi

Alexander M. Pagan

Pooja Shekar

Derrick Torres

Jeffrey Tveit

Jeffrey Vaughn

New Hempstead

Zamir Ben-Dan

Bianca Ashley Boncoeur

Raizel Shana Zelcer

New Windsor

Kelly Garrison

Byron Lewis Gross

Heather Lynch

New York

Akane Imai

Nobuko Takamori


Brenda Manfetano


Wei Cao

Sara Beth Colten

Natalie Lourdes Joseph

Carlos Maldonado

Beauvais Rene Jr.

Gavin Hall Therien


Jennifer L. Bone

Daniel T. Mullooly

Michael J. Murphy


Luis E. Mercado

Park Ridge

Fang Xiang


Ortimidio Bautista

Devonie Galbert

Daniela Shehaj

Pearl River

Robert J. Altieri

Justine Danielle Ingenito

Patrick O'Brien

Shay Christina Rudloff

Joseph Michael Shannon

David Matias Tapia

Charlotte Tracey

Ryan Trinkner


Michael Lee Becker

Amanda D'Ascoli

Kathleen Collins Kilfoile

Olena Kuzmina

Dulan C. Tanis

Nicole Trepper

Nicholas Vasquez

Rego Park

Richard Keith Schwartz


Roselida A. Obare

Spring Valley

Nidja A. Archibal

Jason C. Ballard

Pierre Bazile Jr.

Dwayne K. Bell

Joehanna V. Bonheur

Stephanie Brunache

Aaron T. Chin

Carmelo Martin Colon

John R. DeLisi

Nadia Dorcelly

Katia Etienne

Lionel Fabien

Michell Guzelgul

Lisa Margaret Hilton

Rachael Hoffman

Nardyme Jean-Louis

Daphnee Jeantel

Stanley John

Zahir W. Khalid

Zunair M. Khan

Jean E. Marcellus

Desiree Channon Mathe

Ralph Mathe

Olga Melnikova

Juliette C. Messinger

Akua Adu Owusu

Lunedie Pamphile

Marlonde H. Pierre-Louis

Sastia D. Pierre-Louis

Ryan Rodriguez

Devorah Schlusselberg

Carmel Taylor

Sharon Teiler

Uriel Zelcer

Springfield Gardens

Thandeka Haywood

Stony Point

Vincent P. Agovino

Brittany Flynn

Jacqueline Galgano

Adam Garcia

Paolo Jose Misailides

Jo Ann Phenix

Brandon Scott

Christina R. Vanatta

Kellie Whelan


Kensuke Abe

Courtney J. Barba

Kathleen Anne Brain


Kenneth Cuadra

Grace O. Edegbe

Melinda Ferreira

Eileen France

Akihiko Fujisaki

Robert Philip Harrow, III

Joshua S. Jacobson

Jeffrey Yvon Kavanagh

Cherian P. Kurian

Seulbi Lee

Yuka Okamoto

Jung Hwan Park

Tracy I. Pitkof

Daniel John Roeser

Jennifer C. Spampinato

Marc Anthony Stabilito

Keiko Urayama

Joseph S. Varisco


Tara Carroll

Juana Elizabeth Perez Ramirez


Chanah Leah Walters


Danya M. Lomascolo

Massiel Ortiz

Tuxedo Park

Christopher Allen McGrady

Christopher Thomas Warner

Upper Saddle River

Joerdis Ziriacks

Valley Cottage

Meagan A. Dixon

Marcie J. Kaiser

Lauren LaGuardia

Anthony Maddalena

Melissa Lynn Paletta

Jason Scretching


Philip J. Murphy


Adam M. Krakowsky

Meagan Jade Weinberger

West Haverstraw

Sally J. Brown

Umer Nawaz

Nicholas A. Roman

Hensie Yvonne Rosarion

Karina Santana

Anthony P. Tridgell Jr.

Leo J. Turner

West Nyack

Spencer Goldberg

Amos Nelson

Christopher J. Speno


Fabiola DeLira

Woodcliff Lake

Samanta Filomena Strigaro

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