Jul 28, 2014
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Changed by 9/11: Robert Lofaro, Deputy Mayor

Robert Lofaro describes how raising children after 9/11 is different.

Changed by 9/11: Robert Lofaro, Deputy Mayor Changed by 9/11: Robert Lofaro, Deputy Mayor

New Hyde Park Village was working at One Wall Street on 9/11 and watched the second plane crash occur.

After getting home around 11:30 a.m. that day, Lofaro watched the news.

"I was trying to keep an eye on watching the news yet trying to protect my daughters from seeing and witnessing the tragedy that had occurred," Lofaro said. "The first thoughts that then ran through my mind is the world that I'm raising my children in and will they be safe and will I be able to protect them in a world that became a place that I now had to realize was very different than the world that I've known."

Lofaro thinks he is more protective of his family, including his two daughters.

"I don't want life to end, but I approach life much more cautiously," Lofaro said. "My daughters see life going on and they're still enjoying and living life to it's fullest and I think that just shows the resilience of people. I think they way they viewed is they realize the tragedy and the heartbreak that came along with this event yet they're trying to look at it from a positive perspective and life is short and random and do the best you can and enjoy as much as you can while you can."

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