Jul 27, 2014
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Searingtown School Fourth Grade December 2012 Highlights

Classes apply math knowledge and take a trip to Garvies Point.

Searingtown School Fourth Grade December 2012 Highlights

Searingtown School’s Fourth Graders Had a Very Busy December.

Fourth grade students have taken on the role of mathematicians by applying their knowledge of addition and subtraction to complex word problems. In science, we have become more and more familiar with our little crustacean friendsthrough our life science unit on crayfish.

The creative writers have also been putting the finishing touches on their realistic fiction stories and developing realistic characters, problems and solutions. In reading, they are navigating through non-fiction textslearning the features and connecting these skills into other subject areas such as science andsocial studies.

As part of social studies, students are exploring the lives of the first Americans of New York State; the Algonquian and Iroquois Indians.

Classes recently embarked on a trip to Garvies Point Museum and Preserve to actually see and touch Native American artifacts and tools as used by them long ago. Students even got to take clay from the north shore of Long Island to make our own pinch pots.

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