Jul 28, 2014
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Greenport Brewery Welcomes First Apprentices

Two men are working as apprentices at the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.

Greenport Brewery Welcomes First Apprentices

Do you have a secret ambition to run your own brewery? A Greenport company is offering an apprenticeship to help make your dream a reality.

Earlier this month, embarked on its first-ever apprentice program. Since opening in July 2009, the brewery has expanded operations to include a second floor tasting room/gallery and plans to open a second location in Peconic. Adding the apprentice program was something that made sense, according to Assistant Brewer Greg Doroski.

Doroski said that having an apprentice/internship program is a long-held tradition in the brewing industry. He said for those who do not have a formal education, getting hands-on experience is critical to success. Doroski compared the program to the work chefs do when they are learning the trade.

With the success of Greenport Harbor Brewing Company and the Long Ireland Beer Company in Riverhead, handcrafted beer is catching on. Many home brewers who want to get experience in the field are anxious to get apprentice positions, Doroski said.

“We put a message out on our Facebook page and we received 25 resumes and letters,” he said.

From there, they interviewed candidates and chose two men to get the program going. The brewers have put together a rough syllabus and hope to give their apprentices a good picture of all aspects of the brewery business. The two men, one from Long Island and one from Brooklyn, each work two days a week at the brewery. Doroski said they do everything from wash kegs, to filling kegs, to making and filtering beer.

“We wanted to give them a good amount of time at the brewery and still keep production moving along,” he said.

Most apprenticeships are unpaid, but Doroski said they offered their apprentices a small stipend. He said they do realize it is a major time commitment and, as such, they should receive compensation.

The program is scheduled to last for 90 days. At the conclusion, Doroski said, they plan to assess how the program works, and it everything goes smoothly, offer more apprentice programs in the future.

For more information on the apprentice program or the brewery, call Greenport Harbor Brewing Company at 631-477-6681.

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