Jul 28, 2014
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Southold Town: ‘Take Action Immediately’ Before Hurricane Sandy

With six Southold Town shelters still nearly empty, emergency management coordinator urges those in low-lying areas to get out while they can.

Southold Town: ‘Take Action Immediately’ Before Hurricane Sandy Southold Town: ‘Take Action Immediately’ Before Hurricane Sandy

As of about noon on Monday, only about 10 people have set up at local emergency storm shelters before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, according to Southold Town emergency management coordinator Lloyd Reisenberg — something that greatly concerns him and the rest of the town’s management team.

“The storm is starting to hit us, and there’s already a lot of flooding in low-lying areas,” he said. “The shelters are open and functioning — the time to evacuate from these areas was 8 hours ago, but you still have time to get out. It’s time to take action immediately.”

Reisenberg said that the town is compiling a list of areas that have already become impassable due to flood water and that police officers are blocking certain areas. Though the East Marion-Orient causeway is not yet flooded, Reisenberg said that the area is only one of great concern.

“We’re trying to direct people out of harm’s way before it’s too late,” he said.

The following are the designated Southold Town emergency shelters during Hurricane Sandy. Be sure to visit the town’s website for advice on what to bring, including an emergency kit, food and water. Click here for a list of important town numbers and here for other emergency numbers.

Mattituck High School

Southold High School

Greenport High School

Fishers Island School

All shelters are pet-friendly.

Click here for emergency management updates on the Southold Town website.

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