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Northport Police Report: Mysterious Stalking; Mistaken Gun Shots

Incidents and arrests, May 11-23.

Northport Police Report: Mysterious Stalking; Mistaken Gun Shots

The following incidents were taken from the blotter.

  • Police responded to Annetta Avenue on May 13 to investigate the report of a possible gun shot. Upon arrival, undersigned canvassed the area but was unable to locate a source of the alleged gun shot.
  • Police responded to Dolphin Lane for a report of an unknown subject who took his collectible Radio Flyer wagon he uses to bring his garbage to the curb on May 14. The wagon was left by the garbage by the road and may have been picked up by a "scrapper."
  • A woman told police that she found a black hair on a curtain in her Fifth Avenue apartment on May 14. She feels it was left by stalkers that have been harassing her for the past four years. She does not know who the stalkers are and has never seen them, and she has moved four times in the past two years and they keep finding her.
  • Police responded to Main Street on May 11 around 8:45 p.m. for the report of a male subject playing a harmonica with an amplified who became aggressive after being asked to leave by a local business owner. Upon explaining to the individual was welcome to apply for a permit to use the village property to perform in the future, he was asked to leave, and he complied.
  • While on patrol around Constitution Square on May 11, a police officer witnessed an individual move a barrier blocking public access to the village gazebo. The individual was directed to return the barrier to its original position, and he did so. He then admitted to drinking alcohol and stated he felt anxious. Contact was made with his parent who picked him up from the scene.
  • Police responded to Maple Avenue for the report of a party with underage drinking on May 11. Upon arrival the police officer spoke with the resident who stated there were a few of her friends who are underage drinking. The resident advised all of her friends to leave her house.She was warned and admonished regarding the act of underage drinking as well as serving alcohol to minors.
  • A Summit Avenue man reported that an unknown group of kids threw multiple eggs (6) at his house on May 12, hitting the siding and the roof. The man heard the eggs hit the house, but was unable to located anyone when he walked outside.
  • A woman reported a man that made her uneasy on May 12. The man apparently told her that he had post traumatic stress disorder and that her comments the prior evening gave him bad thoughts for the past 24 hours. She did not wish anything to be done but merely wished the incident documented.
  • Police responded to Chestnut Circle to investigate the anonymous report of possible animal cruelty to a dog on May 14. The anonymous complainant stated at first he thought the dog was hit by a vehicle and then believed that the dog was being mistreated by its owner. He further stated he saw the dog go into the above residence. The undersigned interviewed the dog’s owner who stated his dog is old and can not walk very well after a recent operation, and could easily be mistaken for being hit by a vehicle. Said animal did not show any signs of abuse.
  • A man complained that an unknown vehicle pulled into his Bluff Point Road driveway on May 17 and when the vehicle backed out, the unknown vehicle ran over his garden and outdoor landscaping lighting damaging same. The vehicle left the scene without reporting the incident. The man was able to determine the time of occurrence from his security cameras.
  • A Bayview Avenue man complained that there was a vehicle parked on the side of his residence on May 18 in a space clearly marked with a sign "Parking for Residents Only" and stated he was considering letting the air out of the vehicle's tires. Caller was advised against such action. Undersigned responded and determined that the vehicle in question was legally parked.
  • Police responded to Avenue B to assist and keep the peace while the Northport Building Inspector (employee) issued a "Stop Work" order for unauthorized construction work taking place at the above incident location on May 18. Stop Work Order and Notice of Violation issued to property owner without incident.
  • Police responded to Washington Place for the report of a female yelling and screaming from inside the above residence on May 19. Upon interview it was determined that the above resident was yelling and screaming during sexual intercourse.
  • Police responded to Ocean Avenue on May 20 for the report of possible gunshots in the area. Upon arrival, the undersigned determined the sound to be fireworks and canvassed the area but was unable to locate the origination of the sound.
  • A Dolphin Lane man received an e-mail threatening his life on May 22 unless a payment of $5,000.00 is made. He further stated that he does not recognize the other party's e-mail address but requested a report documenting the incident.

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