Jul 29, 2014

Tell Us: Breast Cancer Research Fundraising

Do you know where your donations go?

Tell Us: Breast Cancer Research Fundraising

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close next week, a significant portion of the $6 billion raised annually in the name of fighting the disease will have been raised through events across Long Island and the country.

A 2011 Marie Claire article raises the question of how trustworthy the fundraisers are (including businesses using the pink ribbon to promote possibly carcinogenic products like fast food).

And The Washington Post reported Oct. 18 that the New York attorney general announced that the two largest breast cancer charities have established guidelines for fuller disclosure by those selling pink products and services in their names.

Adopted by Susan G. Komen For The Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the guidelines include having companies disclose the amount that will be donated from each purchase. Companies using pink ribbons and similar symbols on products also are expected to state if a purchase triggers a donation or merely calls attention to the cause.

Do you believe efforts to raise money in the fight against breast cancer - or any cancer - are appropriately focused?

Tell us why or why not in the comments section.

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