Jul 30, 2014

Two New Exhibits at Heckscher Musuem of Art

"Ship to Paradise" and "Absorbed by Color" on display through Nov. 25.

Two New Exhibits at Heckscher Musuem of Art

Two new exhibits, Robert S. Neuman’s "Ship to Paradise" and "Absorbed by Color: Art in the 20th Century," are on view at the in Huntington.

Robert S. Neuman's Ship to Paradise, showing through Nov. 25, focuses on the artist’s surrealist illustrations for an edition of Sebastian Brandt’s "The Shyp of Fooles," a 15th century allegory on the foibles and folly of man, a theme that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Reflecting on the modern day world around him and informed by knowledge of seafaring and shipbuilding intrinsic to life in Maine, Neuman’s fantastical compositions are a metaphor for the human condition and man’s quest for a better life. 

“It is a privilege for The Heckscher Museum to present this exhibition of Neuman’s Ship to Paradise works which include etchings, lithographs, mixed-media drawings, and printing plates," said Museum Curator Lisa Chalif. "We are fortunate to be able to include the two-volume Shyp of Fooles/Ship to Paradise produced by a direct descendent of the Museum’s founder, August Heckscher.”

"Absorbed by Color: Art in the 20th Century," investigates artist’ use of color theory in 20th century art and will be on view through Dec. 2. It draws exclusively from the museum’s permanent collection.

With the tendency towards abstraction in the early 20th century, artists began an exploration of color for its own sake. Freed from the need to replicate the appearance of the natural world, painters examined color’s scientific and physiological attributes and exploited its emotional qualities.

Absorbed by Color presents an overview of color theory and its manifestations in the 20th century, including Pointillism, Fauvism, Synchromism, Neo-Plasticism, Abstract Expressionism, and Op art. Works by Josef Albers, Richard Anuskiewicz, Oscar Bluemner, Ilya Bolotowsky, James Brooks, Nicolas Carone, James Daugherty, Fritz Glarner, Theodore Stamos, and Esteban Vicente, among others, will be featured.

The exhibit includes works by several Long Island artists such as Frank Olt, Stan Brodsky, Lilian Dodson, Richard Vaux, and Stanley Twardowitcz, who lived in Huntington.

The Heckscher Museum of Art is located at 2 Prime Avenue in Huntington Village. For more information and hours visit their website at www.heckscher.org.

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