Jul 28, 2014
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Nyack Approves Saturday Farmer's Markets

Nyack Approves Saturday Farmer's Markets
The Nyack Farmer's Market will be open for Saturday sessions as well as Thursdays this summer in Nyack.

The Nyack Board of Trustees approved the change Thursday night, allowing use of the Main Street Parking lot from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturdays starting in June. The goal behind the additional date would be to allow people who cannot make it to the Farmer's Market during the day on Thursday's another opportunity.

"The Nyack Farmer's Market is a very popular source of fresh food and a good supporter of small businesses," said Nyack Chamber of Commerce President Scott Baird. "People who work during the week and live outside the village couldn't participate (Thursdays). This give a whole different segment of Nyack the opportunity to enjoy the farmer's market. We felt this was a great time to do it. There was a lot of demand for it. The vendors wanted it. The shoppers wanted it."

The trustees had asked the sponsors, including the Nyack Chamber of Commerce, to check with local businesses to see if they had any objections. Baird said they found overwhelming support for additional day of the farmer's market. 

The Nyack Farmer's Market had offered to repay the town for any lost revenue due to the loss of the parking lot space on Saturdays, but that part of the deal has not been worked out yet. Village Administrator Jim Politi said they wanted to research what the revenue loss would be before working out the details. Baird said the impact would be minimal, in part because parking is free until 11 a.m. in Nyack.

"We want to have good numbers," Politi said. "Once we have that number, the board will ask how to offset that."

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