Jul 28, 2014

Predict the Place

Identify where in the villages the picture was snapped

Predict the Place Predict the Place Predict the Place Predict the Place

Think you know Nyack and Piermont? Here's your chance to prove it.

In this weekly column, we'll post a close up of a landmark in Nyack or Piermont. And as the day goes on, we'll add more photos from a greater distance.

The first reader to successfully guess the landmark wins—just post your prediction in the comments section. Being the first to correctly answer will win you the esteemed Patch title of Mr. or Ms. Nyack/Piermont for the week. (We'll crown you with a Facebook post and Twitter tweet.) Also, you'll receive a pair of Patch tote bags.

Start guessing, and see who can hold the (digital) crown the longest.

Currently, is the reigning monarch.

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