Jul 28, 2014
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Riverkeeper Says Litigation Over TZ Bridge an Option

Non-profit: project endangers already scarce fish

Riverkeeper Says Litigation Over TZ Bridge an Option Riverkeeper Says Litigation Over TZ Bridge an Option

The proposed new Tappan Zee Bridge has its share of critics, be they or Rocklanders .

But few groups are as vehement as Riverkeeper, the Hudson Valley non-profit that seeks to preserve the river's ecology.

Phillip Musegass, the non-profit's Hudson River Program Director, on the negative impacts a new span would usher in, beginning with the effect on an endanger fish population.

"There are less than 1,000 Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson that are capable of reproducing," Musegass said. The sturgeon is one of the world's oldest fish species.

Musegass said the the state is carrying out may kill the sturgeon, or drive them from their habitat.

Bridge engineers and biologists, however, have said the state is taking measures to ensure the test pilings being driven into the river's floor do not disturb the native species; read more about that .

Musegass also picked apart the state's , noting Riverkeeper will not sit idly while it is tweaked and finalized.

"The project as it stands now—Riverkeeper will go to court to stop it," he said.

The group recently released comprehensive comments and criticisms of the new span, and urged residents to continuing their protests.

"Now that the DEIS comment period has closed, please do not fall silent," said John Lipscomb, the organization's Patrol Boat and Water Quality Program Manager. "Please contact the governor and request that the Hudson ecosystem be protected and request a fully democratic process with meaningful public and community participation."

Among Riverkeeper's worries are an uptick in greenhouse gases, lack of rail and bus transit and possible pricey toll hikes.

The organization also asks the state to delve deeper into possible alternatives, like a .

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