22 Aug 2014
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Hottest Topics on Ossining-Croton Patch

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Hottest Topics on Ossining-Croton Patch

: "Sorry to sound cynical, but I wonder if this accusation is really true? If you are sharing a dwelling with other tenants, why wasn't the door locked between the living quarters? Also, it's kind of strange that she didn't recognize the intruder, as he was probably (or not?) her neighbor? Also, the so- called invader, seemed to disappear into thin air with a trace? This story may be true, or perhaps it's just an imaginary tale."


: "Another way to look at this -- and I'll keep it simple to just us in Westchester -- of a good three dozen IBM professionals I worked with over a 10 yr period, all whom have since been laid off for no work-related cause, I am the only one still living here."

: "Andrew Cuomo, while at HUD, was one of the big three (along with Dodd and Frank) that basically cuased the economic downturn of the housing market (which spurred the rst of our bottoming out) through the COmmunity Redevelopment Act Program (CRAP). How anyone could have voted for him and how he has a 71% approval rating is truly beyond me!"


: "Miss Castaldi: I am Anthony Mele, a Republican Committeeman in the process of carrying nomination petitions. Your petition is among them and frankly I will not support petitions for democrats. Also, when I inform the Republican voters at their front door and show them your petition, they decline from signing it. Now in your own words, you do not explain why your career has hindered the elected position you ran for and were voted in by your neighbors; but suddenly claim, you are magically a Republican who is no longer obstructed by career to serve the entire 38th Senate District. Additionally, I was at the Republican convention and no one entered your name for nomination there. So come clean with us, what is the real story. None of this makes any sense to us in Rockland County Ma'am."

: "@Anthony Mele. Your posts make you sound obsessed with the Senate seat, the democrats, the republicans, and Castaldi. I'd guess the republicans in Rockland County chose democrat Castaldi for the sole reason she's a "warm body" and couldn't find anyone else to run. My main thought about Castaldi is she quit her elected position in Ossining without a definitive explanation. She let down her constituents. Castaldi's past was apparently not considered when the dysfunctional Republican Party nominated her."


: "very scary!! Kudos to this little girl..knowing not to go with him and telling someone right away!! I hope this man is found before another child isn't so lucky!! I pray she is able to heal from this quickly, she must have been terrified!!"

: "How was the man in the school? Something about this story doesn't sound right."


: "How easy it is to blame and point fingers, to tug at heart-strings and pander to unfounded emotional fear. One person didn't determine redistricting or bring on economic decline. Fan the flames some more. You, too, are nothing but smoke and mirrors."

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