21 Aug 2014
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Izzarelli Announces Her Candidacy

Briarcliff Manor resident Kim Izzarelli will run against incumbent Assemblywoman Sandy Galef.

Izzarelli Announces Her Candidacy

Republican Kim Izzarelli has released the following announcement regarding her candidacy for the New York State Assembly:

I am announcing my candidacy to represent the 95th New York State Assembly District.

My decision is a leap of faith guided by the sense that you believe, as I do, that the economic health of our state is in great peril. I am challenging Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, a 20 year incumbent, who holds a significant campaign war chest and newly-cut election district, cleansed of all potential challengers -- except me.

In the latest round of redistricting, not only did Sandy Galef lead her fellow incumbents to protect their jobs through 2022 , but they collectively reinforced their commitment to allow New York's economic climate to slip into further decline. Real property tax relief is nowhere in sight, in fact, more unfunded mandates are being legislated every day by Albany. Cry, the 2% Property Tax (levy) Cap, legislated without true mandate relief - leaving New York's municipalities and school districts in the precarious position of cutting even more services.

Is this progress?

Basic business judgment and like-minded investors are leaving New York in droves, leaving behind unemployment, vacant storefronts and commercial parks. Thanks to senior legislators like Sandy Galef, our state is now managed by and for special interests. Small businesses, recent college graduates and working families can barely gain footing...and we are slipping dangerously fast.

As a working mother with school-aged children, I care deeply about the direction of our state, and that is why I am challenging Sandy Galef for the (new) 95th New York State Assembly seat.

It is up to you to take a stand and send Albany strong leadership.

We need less government and more local control in New York. I will work hard to repeal the Triborough Amendment. I believe in the collective bargaining process as our legally-mandated, agreed-upon procedure, but the cost of collectively-bargained labor must be fair, of value, and within market limits. Local governments must be empowered to provide citizens and businesses with value for services, within reason.

If we give up now, we give up on New York - please join me as I face the storm and begin a long, challenging campaign season and victory on November 6, 2012.

Thank you for your support.


Kim Izzarelli

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