Jul 30, 2014

Ossining School Bond Passes

Officials are confirming that the Ossining school bond has passed.

Ossining School Bond Passes Ossining School Bond Passes Ossining School Bond Passes Ossining School Bond Passes Ossining School Bond Passes Ossining School Bond Passes

The bond debate has concluded with victory for those who were in favor of the referendum. The $41.5 million borrowing plan passed with 1,954 voting in favor and 1,320 voting against it.

The bond issue that was voted on tonight includes money that will be spent on infrastructure repair projects. Some of the projects include replacing boilers at OHS, , Claremont, Park and Roosevelt schools. There will also be repairs made to the high school auditorium, AMD and OHS windows, AMD lockers, broken ventilation systems and AMD's leaking roof.

A number of residents who voted for the bond issue were happy about tonight's outcome.

"For the community it definitely means improvement for our schools and for our children who have been in a not so secure of an environment. So it really means a lot for all of them," said Village of Ossining resident Joanne Singer.

"It makes me feel good and proud. I get to tell my kids that it passed and that the schools are going to be fixed up, as they should. We're going to have a bright future here in Ossining," said Briarcliff resident Mark Saffadi.

But not everyone was in favor of the bond issue. Kirk Kasarian said he and his wife are on a fixed income, and that rising taxes are the reason why he voted against the bond.

"I think that the administration and the political powers that be just figure they can always add without reflecting on what they're doing themselves. They have to assume a little more responsibility," said Kasarian.

Others in the community are happy that the bond proposal passed, but they also wished that the previous failed bond issue had made it through. Last year voters rejected the school district's $69 million borrowing plan.

"This isn't the bond I wanted. I would have preferred the bond from last year with more improvements for schools and more significant program pieces in particular, but this is the bond that hopefully the community is ready to support. It's a zero net increase bond that is hopefully something that people can work into their budgets. It's tough times, but we have to be mindful of the fact that these schools are our investments and we have to take care of them," said Village of Ossining resident Ginny Loughlin.

The school district said it made a second push for the new bond proposal because of numerous factors, including high state building aid this year, low borrowing costs and current lower construction costs.



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