Jul 30, 2014
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Slew of Burglaries in Ossining

The Village of Ossining Police Department has a new warning for residents.

Slew of Burglaries in Ossining

This morning the is warning people in our area about a rash of local burglaries. Investigators say that the slew of recent burglaries are being committed by teenagers. 

Authorities say the teens knock on victims' doors and ask for a friend. If someone is home, the teens move onto the next house. But if someone is not home, then the teenagers burglarize the home.

The Village of Ossining Police Department is asking you to call them if any suspicious groups of teens, or anyone else, asks for a person you don't know. Authorities ask that you don't alert the teens that you are calling the police.

You are asked to report any incidents immediately by calling police at 914-941-4099. When you call, make sure to tell police which direction the teens are going.

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