Jul 25, 2014

Tell Us: Potholes in Oyster Bay

Winter is coming to a close but it leaves behind plenty of aggravation.

Tell Us: Potholes in Oyster Bay

The weather is beginning to warm up and while we're relieved to shed the heavy coats, the annoyance of winter is still present in the form of potholes.

Crews have already begun closing lanes of traffic in Syosset as they fill many breaches in the streets. While the construction is causing the odd traffic headache, the minor inconvenience has come to a relief of many as they end their bumpy commutes.

Where are the worst potholes in Syosset and Woodbury? Are there roads that seem like an obstacle course? Are you satisfied with how quickly work is being done to fill potholes?

Tell us in the comments. We'll add your locations to our map on the right.

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