22 Aug 2014
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Reader Feedback: Opinions on Proposed E. Patchogue Walmart

Patch readers have been chiming in all weekend on Facebook and on Patch about the proposed big box, what are your thoughts?

Reader Feedback: Opinions on Proposed E. Patchogue Walmart

Patch readers have been talking about the East Patchogue Walmart on the Patchogue Patch Facebook and in the Comments sections of op-eds  and  the project.

A  about the proposed 98,000 sq. ft store that could be located on Hospital Road is taking place Monday at the Brookhaven Town Planning Board meeting at 4 p.m. in Brookhaven Town Hall (1 Independence Hill, Farmingville).

Here are several comments left by readers regarding the store, feel free to add your own in the Comments below this:

In response to an opposing the store:

Barry Burrell We need it. It will make a ton of jobs.

Lori Gordon Fitzgerald No Walmart in East Patchogue. That is the worst possible location. It is way too congested over there now. That would destroy our neighborhood. There are many other locations to put it. Just not there. The traffic would be Horrendous. NO WALMART ON HOSPITAL ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerrie Stuart McKenna Totally agree Lori. Say no to Walmart!! for so many reasons but mainly that location would be a total nightmare. I don't know how it is even being considered to be built there. Between the Hospital, that traffic ridden bridge on Hospital Road and being in a residential area it would be awful.

Lori Gordon Fitzgerald Thanks Kerrie. The Bellport Outlet is abandoned. That would be an ideal location, right off of Sunrise, nothing else around. I don't understand why they would even consider it there either. There must be something going on that we're not aware of and we'll suffer from it.

Ronald P. Matonti Walmart should be allowed only if they agree to pay full time living wages to all their employees and provide them with free comprehensive helathcare!

In response to an supporting the store:

Maureen Molloy I love Walmart! Bring it on!

Scott Stratton Bring it but build it somewhere where it's open and easy access like the old movie complex on long island expressway service road.

Andrew K. Setzer I agree...build it ASAP.

John DeMarle Many area residents desperately need the cost savings and jobs this store will bring to our community. It can't come soon enough!

Fred Densing Near the Hospital is not the right location. It will hamper arriving ambulances going to the hospital. I agree the old Brookhaven Multiplex site is better suited for a Walmart.

Lauren Napoli No! No! No! Big chain stores like Walmart are TERRIBLE for our local economy. For every 100 dollars spent at stores like these, only 13 bucks make it back into local economy. Shopping locally at mom and pop shops is the best way to support our local economy, which is what we truly need! Let's start a co-op instead!!

Opinions sent into Patch via email at michael@patch.com:

Meltasi: Walmart belongs in the Bellport Outlets Plaza not in a residential area. If people are so interested in having a big box store NEAR them they should move next to one so they can enjoy the constant noise, air, and traffic pollution that comes with your "discount package" of conveinience. I would really like to know whose palms are getting well greased either financially or politically to approve this degridation. 

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