Jul 28, 2014
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Reader Feedback: School Bus Transportation Issues

Patch readers discuss the upcoming enforcement of existing bus transportation policies.

Reader Feedback: School Bus Transportation Issues

Several Patch readers have been discussing the Patchogue-Medford School District bus transportation issues that have led to several families no longer being able to have their student ride a bus to school when they have in previous years due to an updated routing computer that is enforcing existing policies more strictly than they have in the past.

While all students have until Oct. 5 to ride the school bus without a bus pass, those that live within the mileage limits of half a mile for grades K-5, one mile for grades 6-8, and a mile and a half for grades 9-12 will have to make new arrangements if their child is no longer eligible to ride.

Below are comments left by Patch readers on this week's coverage of the bus transportation issue.

Kathleen Rubinstein

My children have attended Medford Elementary School and South Ocean Middle School. I want to know why we are always short changed on safety in front of these two schools? Medford Elementary is probably located in the most dangerous area of all of the schools in this district. Years ago we tried to get signs to warn people that there was a school there and to have the speed limit reduced. We even had News 12 there. There have been many close calls over the years in front of the school. There is only one crossing guard there and she is incredible but there really should be more than one crossing guard at other areas near the school. Now for South Ocean - for years there was never even a crosswalk in front of the school till I believe last year. The crossing guard is all the way down on the corner not near the school. Once again a very dangerous area to cross in front of that school at dismissal and arrival. There is a need for more than one crossing guard there as well. I have seen 3 crossing guards between Barton and Saxton. These schools are located on streets with less traffic. I feel that the schools in the south part of this district are being treated with less care and concern for the students' safety. If the busses are being denied to the students the district needs to provide more supervision on the streets for these kids to cross safely.

Janice H

My children have always walked to school in this district. The only bus we have is for the highschool which my oldest is riding. I am fortunate that I am able to pick up and drop off my kids because THERE are no crossing guards available and each child one in Bay and one in South Ocean have to cross without crossing guards. The crossing guard at BAY is situated in the front of the school but the children ARE NOT allowed to enter that way. WALKING home my son must walk out the back of building and around the long way and cross at a very very very dangerous part of bay ave where cars come flying down at speeds of fifty plus sometimes. The school will not let them out of front of the bulding WHERE THE GUARD IS and cross to walk home. THAT simple exit would elimate my child crossing at a dangerous area and me having to pick him up if I want to ensure his safety. THE whole thing is insane. I walked home from Bay as a child, exited the front crossed at the guard and walked home three blocks without having to cross any streets without a guard. IT seems to me that there is something seriuosly wrong with these schools and safety issues.

Elizabeth K

Bay needs a crossing guard at the corner of Bailey and Edwards St. I have stopped in my car to allow children to cross and have been passed on the left of me. Scary.


After reading the comments above I have to wonder if the decision makers have any common sense. It's a sorry situation. I'd think there'd be a problem solving session that would actually resolve parents' concerns for their children. I went to Pat-Med from '66 to '79 and my 5 children attended from '92 to '2010. Some things never change. Unreal.

Kelly S

Funny if you are under the required mileage you wont get bus - but if your babysitter is over the required mileage you can get bussing for your kid - so pretty much everyone who has had thier bussing cut should just fill out the babysitting form and use a different address - unbelievable!!

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