21 Aug 2014
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Sound Off: Are Suffolk Cops Overpaid?

Proposed 2012 county budget includes a $12.4 million increase in police district tax.

Sound Off: Are Suffolk Cops Overpaid?

After five years, the base salary for a Suffolk County police officer is $108,608. That doesn't include overtime, which can easily add tens of thousands of dollars to that figure.  

Outgoing County Executive Steve Levy's proposed 2012 budget includes a $12.4 million increase in the police district tax.

Critics say paying so many cops six-figure salaries is out of line with other professions and has contributed to high property taxes and the county's budget crunch.  

Defenders of police salaries say these are the people who protect us from danger and they are worth every penny.  

To compare, Nassau County police earn $108,132 after eight years of service, according to the department's website. For New York City cops, base pay after five and a half years is $76,488. 

What your take? Are Suffolk police overpaid or does the demanding/dangerous nature of the job justify the pay? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments. 

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