23 Aug 2014
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'I Guess the Chickens Have Come Home to Roost'

Town cuts, voting laws, and goose meat are just some of the hot topics that got Patch users talking on our comments board last week.

'I Guess the Chickens Have Come Home to Roost'

"The public employee unions in Bedford have always had the opportunity to take less for the benefit of the whole. The purpose of a municipality or school district is not to provide employment for employment's sake. Government's job is to provide for the best services at the least possible cost. For too many years politicians have used the public payroll as their own personal rewards system. I guess the chickens have come home to roost." -- Ross Revira

Rock 'n' Roll Reunion: The Rascals to Perform at Capitol Theatre

"Corrected...... No offense but it's better than The Roots! The Rascals are musical icons and were a major staple in this area during the late 1960's. They were inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Felix was born in Pelham Manor, NY. WELCOME HOME GUYS!" -- JJ

Gaffes: Enough to Impact an Election? [POLL]

"I was leaning toward 'Yes--they offer insight into a candidate's character', but with a qualification. I feel that the quotes mentioned and others of this type aren't really gaffes, as such, when heard in their entire context. (A gaffe is Joe Biden exhorting a man in a wheelchair to stand up and take a bow.) When one listens to (or reads) these phrases within the context of the speech or point being made, the inference of the phrases can change. The entire narrative is necessary to make a reasoned judgment." -- Jane E. Schneider

Should You Have to Show ID to Vote? [POLL]

"No. Absolutely not. The right to vote in a democracy is a basic one, and should not be limited in this way, New York State has a signature check at the polls and the ability to cast affidavit votes in case there is a question. Those votes are then verified centrally at the Board of Elections and then counted last, together with absentee ballots. That is sufficient to prevent voter fraud, a red herring that has been raised in states that passed voter i.d. laws whose real purpose is to limit the right to vote for certain groups of people." -- Betsy Shaw Weiner

Eastchester Town Board Meets Tonight

"Having such a moratorium seems crazy to me...Let the consumer make that decision. White Plains Rd now has three restaurants side by side...if the demand is there, they will survive if not , well at least one of them will go away...And within reason, that is how it should be..." -- Peter Thorp

Three Geese Management Firms Will Be Hired (VIDEO)

"Geese could be a ready source of local sustainable meat. What's wrong with that? The amount of Canadian Geese in the area is a serious problem, caused by the unnatural proliferation of giant lawns and grassy fields. The geese are displacing (or have already displaced) indigenous waterfowl on our lakes and rivers. And their feces are a health problem. Our children are literally playing in s@*t. This is not just an inconvenience. Another good source of local meat is the deer herd in Upper Nyack which seems to be swelling in size..." -- John Gromada

"Out of over 3,000 counties in the US, we are number 4 in property taxes. My brother lives in Fairfax County VA, and owns a $600,000 house, with annual taxes less than $3,000. His school district is in the top 5 in the nation, while ours are no where near that. Just pumping money into unrealistic salaries, benefits, and perks, does not improve education, or services for the general population. This is why the governor instituted the property tax cap of 2%. This was not done on a whim. I will be at the public hearing on this budget on Oct. 7th, to strongly demand that the town stay within this cap. They need to propose pay and benefit cuts, or start laying off. Free town cars, wasteful golf courses, brand new trucks, etc.......need to be seriously evaluated as well." -- Elizabeth

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