Jul 29, 2014

Pearl River's Nyemchek Dancers Perform at March for Babies

Nyemchek Dance Centre's performers showed their stuff at the March of Dimes March for Babies in Pearl River

Dancers from Nyemchek Dance Centre performed nine routines at the Rockland County March for Babies in the Blue Hill Plaza rose garden Sunday.

The group of 23 dancers in all performed primarily competitive routines, though they included a ballroom dance as well.

The routines and performers were as follows:

  • Harry Potter -- Sr. II Tap Troupe (Melanie Babb, Chloe Chanin, Kelcey Connors) Choreographed by Elizabeth Maybery
  • Tea Party -- Sr. II Jazz Troupe (Clarissa Hernandez) Choreographed by Elizabeth Maybery
  • Get Your Shine On -- Mini Troupe Tap (Ilyssa Cohn, Nicole Monaco, Kailie Ryan, Nicole Sen) Choreographed by Jamie Nyemchek
  • Little Shop of Horrors -- Advanced Jazz (Melanie Babb, Nicole Coatti, Kelcey Connors, Clarissa Hernandez, Kelly Houlihan, Tiffany Nadler) Choreographed by Elizabeth Mabery
  • Can Ya Feel It? -- Sr. I Tap Troupe (Amelia Bruzzi, Danielle Chanin, Olivia Ryker) Choreographed by Jamie Nyemchek
  • Showtime -- Sr. Hip Hop Troupe (Melanie Babb, Kelcey Connors, Clarissa Hernandez, Tiffany Nadler, Emma Ryan) Choreographed by Jamie Nyemchek
  • If I Had Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes -- Jr. Tap Troupe (Gigi Lam, Alexa Monaco, Samantha Ryan, Jenna Tyrrell) Choreographed by Elizabeth Mabery
  • Run Around Sue -- Adv. Ballroom (Melanie Babb, James Camillieri, Kelcey Connors, John Nyemchek) Choreographed by Cathi Nyemchek
  • Ease On Down The Road -- Mini Troupe Jazz (Ilyssa Cohn, Grace Dunleavy, Jillian Monaco, Nicole Monaco, Lara Munno, Kailie Ryan, Nicole Sen) Choreographed by Jamie Nyemchek

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