15 Sep 2014
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Democrats destroying our city

Today i read an article in The Northern Westchester Examiner about how Mayor Catalina turned the tables on the Ethics Board. Last week the Democrats were calling for the Ethics Board to investigate Mayor Catalina, because they stated that he was bulling and intimidating some of the city staff, the article goes on to say that Judith Ehren was the chairwoman of the board and how she admitted when questioned by the mayor that no complaint had been filed but yet there was an inquiry. I blogged on this site,that in order for an inquiry to take place, a complaint has to be filed and i asked who assigned or appointed the people on the Ethics Board, i also stated that i knew but i was trying to see how honest the Democrats were. Well it turns out that "Miss Ethics" Judith Ehren was Mary Foster's treasuer on her re-election campaign that foster just lost to Mr. Catalina. But wait it gets even better Councilman Rigger was the spokeman for the Democrats when they sent out a press release making claims against Mr. Catalina, but yet he voted against hiring the counsel to investigate the claims,and the other kicker Talbot defends Ehren's ethics and saids that she was unaware of any investigation being conducted by the Ethics board. "I don't want to run this government by putting out press releases," said Talbot, although she admitted approving the disputed press release distributed by the Democratic majority. the mayor turned the tables on them by denying the request to hire the legal counsel and Councilman Rigger voted with the republicans. i said it before and i'll say it again, the democrats are being coached by foster to derail mayor Catalina's run so that she can get back in office and finish the shabby dealings that she started before being voted out. Since the Democrats are screwing up so bad, she will switch and become a republican again, remember she was one until she switched and became a Democrat, because that was the only way that she was going to get voted in. So i say to foster's posse, "your attitudes are like a flat tire, if you don't change it, you're not going anywhere." Don't forget , two seats are up for grabs soon, so shape up or you will be shipped out.    

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