Jul 30, 2014

Foster Joins Action Challenge for Children and Families

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster have also signed the Mayors’ and Supervisor’s Action Challenge for Children and Families pledge.

Foster Joins Action Challenge for Children and Families

White Plains Mayor Tom Roach has joined his fellow local leaders in taking a pledge to make sure the city’s families are financially fit and children are able to learn in safe neighborhoods that encourage healthy lifestyles.

“I am pleased that my colleagues in government, mayors Bramson and Foster, are joining me in the National Mayor's Action Challenge for Children and Families,” said Roach. “As city mayors we all face similar challenges. In efforts such as this we can learn from each other and share our successes."

The Mayors’ and Supervisor’s Action Challenge for Children and Families—which was also endorsed by the Westchester Municipal Official’s Association and Westchester Children’s Association (WCA)—asks local leaders to set goals for helping to guarantee that every child in their community has: 

  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • A safe neighborhood to call home
  • A healthy lifestyle and environment
  • A financially fit family in which to thrive

White Plains has kept its pledge by helping to secure jobs for youth and creating bicycle lanes throughout the city so kids can use them to get some exercise or ride to school or work.

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and the New Rochelle Youth Bureau plans to work with local youth service providers to educate youth with programs on employment, leadership, development and service learning. New Rochelle is also creating a pedestrian and cycling system for 2030 as a part of its GreeNR Sustainability Plan.

“By focusing today on the educational and public health needs of youngsters, we can ensure a better future for our entire community,” said Bramson.  “New Rochelle is pleased to build on its prior collaborative efforts and to work in concert with other communities throughout the country,”

The City of Peekskill and the Peekskill School District will expand its internship program, and expand its existing senior citizen and youth advisory councils to form intergenerational Senior-Youth Advisory Council to help bring the two generations together to work on problem solving.

“Peekskill is proud to build on the successful collaborative programs we offer the City’s teens and young adults,” said Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster. “Every young person deserves the opportunity to become successful, healthy adults.”

The WCA has vowed to reach out to Westchester municipal leaders and ask them to join the challege. 

To join or for more information on the Mayor’s and Supervisor’s Challenge contact Allison Lake at the Westchester Children’s Association (914) 946-7676 x304 or by email at: alake@wca4kids.org.

“WCA has made this national challenge our own and hope all municipalities large and small will sign on,” said Allison Lake, deputy director of the Westchester Children’s Association.

The Mayor’s Action Challenge for Children and Families was started in 2008 during the National League of Cities' Congress of Cities and Exposition in Orlando, Florida. For more information visit: http://www.wca4kids.org/


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