20 Aug 2014
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Hendrick Hudson Cheerleaders Spread Cheer

Sailors seek to make people smile, help in any way they can.

Hendrick Hudson Cheerleaders Spread Cheer Hendrick Hudson Cheerleaders Spread Cheer Hendrick Hudson Cheerleaders Spread Cheer Hendrick Hudson Cheerleaders Spread Cheer

The Hendrick Hudson High School cheerleaders broke out in groups Wednesday and went all around the community to spread good cheer. They were stationed at grocery stores, the Hendrick Hudson Free Library, local delis, the school district office, the Veterans Administration hospital in Montrose and George's Island.

Their sole objective was to make people smile and to help the people around town in any way they could.

The Sailor cheerleaders handed out carnations to office workers; gave water bottles to outside workers and jogger; tied balloons to strollers and to the wrists of young children; and passed out megaphone-shaped cards—all with inspirational messages attached. The girls opened doors for people, loaded groceries in people’s cars, carried packages and picked up trash—all with a smile and a kind greeting.

The girls would not accept any tips, donations or money of any kind. Initially some people looked a little puzzled but once they understood that the girls were just spreading good cheer and inspiring smiles they all loved it. Not only did the girls make people throughout the community smile; they were blown kisses from sweet elderly ladies and complemented with such comments as "We need more of this in the world!"

A group of girls that visited the VA hospital found a gentleman in a wheelchair who was a cheerleader way back in the day. He was so inspired by their presence that he tried to do a cheer with them. Staffers said Ike hadn't smiled in years—until then!

These girls are an amazing group of athletes who spend countless hours practicing, cheering and competing, said Debra Maiorano, president of the Sailors Cheerleading Club. They also spend countless hours volunteering.

During their "Cheerful Day of Giving" the cheerleaders' spirit shone and they led the Hen Hud community in a lot more than cheers, Maiorano said.

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