Jul 30, 2014

Officials Scaling Back Search in Cold Spring for Sang Ho Kim

Officials Scaling Back Search in Cold Spring for Sang Ho Kim Officials Scaling Back Search in Cold Spring for Sang Ho Kim
After an extensive search that covered the Hudson River, railroad tracks and heavily-wooded areas—and involved more than 100 law enforcement members—Sang Ho Kim, the suspect in the Long Island shooting, is still at large, authorities said Friday afternoon.

Kim, a Queens resident, is accused of opening fire at a lighting company in Nassau County Wednesday morning, killing one and seriously injuring another. The discovery of the getaway vehicle at Little Stony Point Park in Putnam County’s Cold Spring late Wednesday prompted a manhunt. The park is located in the Hudson Highlands.

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith and Nassau County Police Chief Steven Skrynecki told reporters in Cold Spring the investigation is “very much underway” but efforts here will be scaled back. There's a possibility that the suspect is in this area, and "at the same time," there's a possibility he's not, authorities said.

They noted that Kim could be in the park, but may be injured or dead, or he could have left the area. Police believe they’ve taken the search to a productive point, he added.

“It is virtually impossible to search every inch of the Hudson Highlands State Park,” Smith said. He mentioned searches in years past that went on for days, only for the person to be found months later.

The park spans thousands of acres. At some points in the manhunt searchers were dropped by helicopter into parts of the land that are not accessible by ATV or by foot.

“We did have some action by the dogs but unfortunately it did not pan out,” Smith said.

Kim may have hiked here and been familiar with the area, but officials could not say for sure. His vehicle has been turned over to the Nassau County Police Department.

Kim is still considered to be very dangerous, and the probe—which involves detectives in New York City, too—won’t end until he’s found, Skrynecki said.

Folks with information about Kim's whereabouts may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. There's an award of up to $5,000.

There will be increased patrols across Cold Spring, Nelsonville and Philipstown, and on local hiking trails, this weekend. The command post will remain.

Police encourage folks to lock their doors, a practice they say should always be followed.

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