23 Aug 2014
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Should Small Fireworks Be Legalized? [POLL]

Unlike New York, Michigan lifted its ban on some small fireworks.

Should Small Fireworks Be Legalized? [POLL]

Under Michigan's new Fireworks Safety Act, devices like bottle rockets, roman candles and firecrackers can now be sold and used in the state.

In New York, all consumer fireworks are still banned. The state legislature passed a bill allowing sparklers,  but it was vetoed in September by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Michigan's new law had not been met with universal approval.

Since the law went into effect, many have apparently been setting off fireworks in their backyards for any and all reasons—and their neighbors in Rochester Hills are sounding off about the constant noise on the Rochester Patch Facebook page. 

Many Michigan communities responded by restricting fireworks locally. Birmingham, for example, passed a new law

Should the New York lawmakers try again? Take our poll and tell us why in the comments.

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