23 Aug 2014
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Thanks to Peekskill Elks

Thanks to Peekskill Elks

A few months ago we had the privilege of taping an episode of our web series, Patty and Patty, at the Elks Lodge in Peekskill. We thought Ray and the other Elks would like to watch the episode which is now up on YouTube.


Here is the link:     http://youtu.be/J5ZL-S1i8fI


When I first read the script, I thought the Elks Lodge 744 would be the perfect place to tape it. Two of my uncles, Mike Mongero and Nick Santulli, were past Elks of the Year.  Anita Salvate (Patty) and I grew up in Peekskill and have attended many special occasions in the Elks Lodge. I played baseball for Elks on championship Peekskill Senior League as well. So it was very special for me to working in a place so routed in my childhood.


Ray was especially welcoming and helpful. On the day of the taping, many thirsty Elks were returning from a cruise and were inconvenienced by our crew working in the bar. We are thankful for their graciousness and cooperation and remain in your debt. Thank you again!


S2 E14  “Where The Boys Are”                                  


Patty (Anita Salvate) and Patty (Marilyn Matarrese) head out to the bar where they get picked up by Mike (Chris DePierro) and Fred (Steve Greenstein) in this episode of the comedy web series, Patty and Patty.


Filmed on location at the Peekskill Elks Club."Where The Boys Are," Performed by Lynn Portas "Where The Boys Are" Copyright 1960. Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfiield. Additional music by Fhernando. "Last Days of Disco."  www.jamendo.com.  Royalty free music. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or if there is anything I can do to help the Elks. After 40 years living elsewhere, I relocated my video production business to the Peekskill area. The spirit of cooperation we found with Elks demonstrates that you can always go home again.


Best regards,




Will Hughes

Executive Producer


BIGTV INC / WebVideo-Productions




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