Jul 29, 2014

UPDATE: Things You Can't Do in Plainview

Every day, Patch offers 5 things you can do locally; Here are 5 things you can't do anymore. And it has touched a chord with our readers. We're working on a follow-up story with your comments.

UPDATE: Things You Can't Do in Plainview UPDATE: Things You Can't Do in Plainview UPDATE: Things You Can't Do in Plainview UPDATE: Things You Can't Do in Plainview

Each weekday, Patch brings you 5 things you can do in Plainview. Recently, we started thinking about the things you CAN'T do in Plainview.

It's a conversation that became a trending topic on Twitter: #5thingsyoucantdo. So as a public service to all in the area, we built this list:

1. You can't go to a movie: There used to be at least three movie houses right in Plainview. One time, the Morton Village Theatre was showing "Goldfinger" and "Doctor No" in a James Bond double feature for about three bucks. They even showed the re-issue of "Gone with the Wind." Once it was a local dating palace;now it is a benign office complex. They show movies at the Library. Not the same.

2. Speaking of , you can't find a decent parking place there except after midnight, when everything is closed. Who ever designed the oddly shaped triangular lot never envisioned Plainview's growth.

3. You can't get a burger, fries, onion rings and a taco in one place. There used to be a "Jack in the Box" on the corner of South Oyster Bay and Old Country roads. It was open late and the bar crowd would head there at 3 in the morning and order a Jumbo Jack, fries, rings and the greasiest tacos in recorded history. Just delicious. About four bucks. There's a  on that corner now (alas; no tacos.)

4. Speaking of the bar crowd, you can' find an old-fashioned bar in Plainview. Our favorite was the Amber Inn, with a classic polished wooden bar that sported luscious curves and cold beers on tap for under a buck. Now we have  Clean, upscale, fine food: Just not the same.

5. You can't make an easy left: Whether it's from South Oyster Bay Road onto Old Country Road eastbound, or Old Country to Manetto Hill Road northbound, or even Ruby Lane westbound onto Southern Parkway, it seems to take forever.

We're sure we missed a few: Let us know the other things you can't do in Plainview. For example: Readers have told us about the days when Our Lady of Mercy was housed in a barn. They spoke of the Matinecock Dairy; about a bar in the Plainview Centre shopping plaza. And the taco stories just keep coming from Jack in the Box.

Send us your memories and please, please look for photos. We'd just love to run them. 

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