Jul 28, 2014
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Pleasantville Recognizes Youth Volunteers

Students from high school clubs, Boy Scouts, the farmers' market internship program and more recognized.

Pleasantville Recognizes Youth Volunteers Pleasantville Recognizes Youth Volunteers

Pleasantville's board of trustees recognized several groups of high school-aged volunteers at their last meeting.

"Thank you to the students who do all this good work and the parents and leaders who guide them," said Mayor Peter Scherer. "Your work is noticed, it is appreciated and it is a very, very significant part of what makes this place an extraordinary place to live and work."

Scherer, Pleasantville High School Principal Dawn Bartz and other group leaders shared the details of the students' work over the past year and awarded the volunteeres with certificates and "goody bags."

Below is a list of the students who were recognized:

Pleasantville Senior Center Outreach Program: Chloe Kastner, Kimberly O'Keefe, Caroline Cancino Mendoza, Amelia Stargiotti and Audrey Tuck

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church — Challenge to Change: Cali Bronkema, Kathryn Berg and Shane Willard

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church — Appalachia Service Project: Alicia Alvis, Michael Darmohraj, Brian Faulkner, Dylan Garbarini, Ben Kelly, Brendan Largey, Justin Maldonado, Oscar Marchi, Owen McAndrew, Meg McCarthy, Sarah Meisel, Brendan Roney, Elizabeth Stargiotti, Audrey Tocco, Evelyn Tocco, Jacob Wallace, Shane Willard, Jackson Wong

Pleasantville High School — Link Crew Leaders: Amrittha Gunabalan, Danielle Labruzzo, Billy Matchen, Jeremy Onuma, Luke Scales, Emmalisa Stangarone, Emily Ultan

Pleasantville High School — ECHO Club: Camille Brown, Andrea Coza, , Jack Eisenberg, Michael Gratz, Brendan Klein, Alicia Marino, Owen McAndrew, Gabby Minton, Elizabeth Perotti, Cristina Portanova, Barrett Rosenbaum, Ian Singer, Michael Zakher

Pleasantville High School — Student Ambassador: Camille Brown, Andrea Coza, Liam Marmo, Casey McBride

Pleasantville High School — Visions: Eden Igielski, Nick Kyriakidis, Collette McCullagh, Isabella Schwartz, Stephanie Villa, Michael Zakher

Pleasantville High School — Documenatary Film: Jack Butler, Dylan Franks and Jacob Nemec

Pleasantville Farmers' Market Interns: Evan Chorne, Elen Halimou, Luke Scales, Claire Schneider, Melanie Stopler, Chris Tom, Emily Ultan

Pleasantville Boy Scouts Troop 12: Brendan Largey, Andrew Steinbeck and Christopher Doerr

J-Teen Leadership: Jake Marra and Josh Wallen

Holy Innocents Church — Youth Group: Michaela Brown, Caroline Cancino Mendoza, Andrea Coza, Sara Crimmins, Claire Cunningham, James Finnegan, Caroline Fraylick, Taylor Forte, Caroline Guttridge, Elizabeth Hammond, Maggie Heidepriem, Nancy Howe, Maria Howe, Matt Lange, John Lange, John Leyden, James Leyden, Kelly Maloney, Katie McAllister, Gabby Minton, Amanda O'Leary, Emily Perrotti, Caroline Puglia, Owen Reda, Terence Roney, Gabrielle Santander, Aine Stapleton, Billy Stapleton, Paul Stapleton, Maggie Sullivan, Teresa Sullivan, Francesca Trombetta

Holy Innocents Religious Education Program: Eleanor Bentley, Nicole Guastella, Allison Longo, Kaitlyn Malesak, Amanda O'Leary, Maggie Sullivan

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