Jul 26, 2014

Police: Cause of Mavis Fire 'Not Suspicious'

Engineers are looking into the damage today.

The Westchester County Cause and Origin Team has determined the cause of at  on Marble Avenue in Pleasantville is "not suspicious," Pleasantville Police Chief Richard Love revealed today.

"They did their investigation last night," he said. "They believe now it was an electrical fire."

Both Mavis and the adjacent business——suffered significant damage during the blaze, which one passerby described as "40 feet high," pointing out the singed leaves on the higher branches of trees next to the properties.

The witness said he was surprised the building was still standing at all after the fire, which was extinguished in approximately one hour last night.

As of this morning, local officials and engineers were on site at Mavis assessing the damage. A partial roof collapse at the rear of the structure where the fire was strongest caused several cars to be crushed by falling debris from the roof and wall.

"They are going to decide if they have to take both buildings down," said Love.

That determination will be made, "probably at the beginning of the week," said the Chief.

No injuries have been reported as a result of the fire.

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