Jul 29, 2014

Technology Enhances Learning at Bedford Road School

Grant money for iPads and wireless tools add to the classroom experience in Pleasantville.

Technology Enhances Learning at Bedford Road School

Updated technology like iPads and more Smartboards are among this year's major changes at , according to Principal Peggy Galotti.

"They are a wonderful tool," she said of the three iPads utilized by the school. "There are so many apps on an iPad right now that are made for special needs students."

The Pleasantville Fund For Learning to the last academic year, in partnership with the Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA).

"It's just been a wonderful addition," said Galotti during a presentation to the board of education last week.

According to Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter, the iPads and other web-enabled devices available on campus are carefully screened and moderated by staff to ensure they are used only for education purposes.

Social story-centered apps can be particularly helpful for students who have difficulty with tasks like walking down the hallway, said Galotti.

"They take the iPad in their hand, put the social story on...they walk with the iPad as they are navigating through the difficult situation," she explained.

Other upgrades in the technology field have included the integration of the E-School Data student management system, which allows teachers and administrators to access student records in one place. More Smartboards for grade four and projects for kindergarten through third grade classrooms have also helped enhance learning, the principal said.

Though technological tools are made more readily available to the district, "Technology is as good as the teacher that's in the classroom," pointed out Galotti.


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