Jul 30, 2014

Port Chester Board Appoints Acting Chief, Capt. John Telesca

Chief Joseph Krzeminski is apparently ill, which led the Board to appoint Telesca to fill his role.

Port Chester Board Appoints Acting Chief, Capt. John Telesca
The following is a press release from the Port Chester Clerk's office:

Upon the action of the Village Board of Trustees at a special meeting held on September 5th, 2013; Captain John Telesca has been appointed Acting Chief of Police.

The Board action was approved through a unanimous vote of those present and the resulting resolution addresses the continued absence of the current Chief, Joeseph Krzeminski, due to his apparent illness. Due to the exigent circumstances presented the Board of Trustees was required to take immediate and decisive action, said Mayor Pagano.

The resolution appoints Captain Telesca as Acting Chief of Police pursuant to the authority of the Board of Trustees (“Board”) under Section 5711-q of New York’s Unconsolidated Laws and/or the Charter of the Village of Port Chester.

The resolution further provides that the appointment is effective immediately and will continue until such time as Chief Krzeminski is capable of performing the essential functions of his job and the Board has approved his return to duty. The Acting Chief will work closely with and report to the Village Manager, Christopher Steers.

Mayor Pagano also remarked that “The Board of Trustees’ appointment of an Acting Chief assures the continued operation of one of the Village’s most important departments and maintains an executive officer with the authority to carry out all of the responsibilities and duties of the Police Chief”. The Board of Trustees has full faith and confidence in John Telesca to perform these duties

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