Jul 29, 2014

Port Chester Police: Two Families Affected by Lottery Scam

Greenwich couple loses $3,000 that Port Chester friend loaned so they could cash in on what they thought would be a $1.2M prize.

Port Chester Police: Two Families Affected by Lottery Scam

A Port Chester man and a Greenwich, CT, husband and wife are the latest victims of a lottery scam, Port Chester police said today.

In this case, a convincing promise of a $1.2 million lottery prize led a 62-year-old Greenwich man and his 61-year-old wife to borrow $3,000 from a 75-year-old Port Chester friend so that they could pay "fees" needed to receive the winnings from a Nigerian bank.

"The Nigerian bank should have been the tip off for them right away," said Port Chester Police Lt. James Ladeairous.

The scam was uncovered Monday when the Port Chester man involved asked village police for help. He told police about the loan he had made to his friends, but that he never got the money back.

When police contacted the Greenwich couple, investigators found that the couple had sent the money to a supposed Nigerian bank and in return received a worthless bank card.

Ladeairous said the Greenwich couple made arrangement to repay the $3,000 to their friend.

With discovery of these latest scam victims, police are warning the public to be wary of calls, e-mails or letters offering big prizes for sending in a fee or handling charge. Additionally, police are warning the public of on-going scams in which callers claim to be a family member in trouble.

Residents of Port Chester, Scarsdale and Pelham have fallen victim of the this summer, losing thousands of dollars when they wired money to people claiming to be a relative or law enfocement officer.

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