Jul 29, 2014

Clifton H. Lee Was Port Jeff Village's Second Mayor

Rocketship Park is officially named for Lee.

Clifton H. Lee Was Port Jeff Village's Second Mayor

On Thursday we asked you to guess who was in this photo. According to historian Ken Brady writing in the historical section of the official Port Jefferson website, the image portrays the village’s second mayor Clifton H. Lee who served from 1965-71.

"He is shown on the east side of Main Street (Route 25A) with a backdrop of various businesses including a laundromat, luncheonette, bicycle shop, supermarket, liquor store, hobby shop, real estate office, art gallery, taxi stand, snack bar, auto dealership, restaurant, drugstore, newsstand, and beauty parlor," wrote Brady.

Click here to see the original photo of Clifton H. Lee in the Port Jefferson village historical archive.

Our hint was that guessing who this was should be a "walk in the park." Clifton H. Lee Memorial Park is still affectionately known to residents as Rocketship Park even though the actual playset that gave the park its nickname is long gone. Efforts to upgrade the park by the village are ongoing.

For more images of historical people and places from Port Jefferson visit the historical archive.

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